Saturday, December 17, 2016

Rangers Win 1A Football State Championship (Two Years in a Row)!!!

Since August, our world has revolved around football. Josh and Marcus are playing on a team that takes it seriously and it has paid off because the Rangers have won a whopping total of EIGHT State Championships!

Here is a pic of Josh #60 at Days Creek during the Quarter finals.

I couldn't help but post this!

 Before the team left for the Championship game, the community organized a pretty amazing send off! They painted the bus, gave the boys food and drink and gave them a send off parade!

 Our new Ranger sticker! I love the star!

 Ready for the Championship game! Had to drive to Hermiston for it on Thanksgiving weekend. We were dressed for freezing weather, but it ended up not being that bad after all! Several family and friends from Pendleton came over to watch!

 This shirt says it all!

 We played Crane for the second year in a row. We were down by 10 points twice in the game. It was probably one of the most intense games I have ever watched. But the Rangers never quit and pulled some unique moves to prove why they are champions! So proud of them! The starters were exhausted at the end! Josh and Marcus weren't able to play one down of the game, but they can feel good knowing that they have been part of an excellent scout team and had LOTS of playing time the rest of the season.
 Steve and I are so proud of our boys!

 This was Josh's last high school football game since he is senior. What a way to go out! Marcus still has two more years. He is getting surgery on his knee. A complete ACL reconstruction. He will be able to start football in August if he gets it down during Christmas break. It won't be a great Christmas break for him, but at least he won't miss too much school this way.

 Our whole family was able to go this year to the championship! Steve and I look so short compared to Josh and Marcus!

A pic of the whole team!

 I love this picture of Papa's proud smile! He is probably one of the Ranger's biggest fans! He missed last year's championship game because he was laid up last year with a broken leg so he was pretty happy to make this championship game!
 Russell (Josh and and Marcus's good friend). I love their numbers this year. They were easy to spot! 50, 60, 70!
Award's assembly. Their trophy was presented to them. Such a big deal for our tiny school of about 350 kids total from K-12. What a celebration for our school and community. Football has been so good for this community. It allows the Dufur people to have something in common. It is a blessing to see everyone come together and support the kids.

So that's a wrap! Congratulations, Rangers! Let's go for NINE!!!

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