Monday, November 14, 2016

Fun Fall Memories, 2016

 I can't believe that this is the last year I can take a picture like this. Josh will be graduating this year! Every two years, I will be having a graduating senior for the next 10 years. That is a crazy thought!

 I am watching my sweet, amazing disabled young lady, Amanda while the kids are in school. This is my third year of getting to have this pleasure. She keeps me from being lonely when Steve is at work and all the kids are gone. She and I have so much fun together. Her highlight of the day is when Marcus runs home for lunch and he plays with her. It is pretty precious to watch!

Jess played volleyball this year. It was fun to watch these girls grow! This isn't her favorite sport, but I am glad she does it because she gets so bored when she isn't playing sports.

 Time to start trimming and deadheading the dying flowers around the place. I let Jacob try this year. I don't think he was quite ready, but Andrew came and finished for him. I so appreciate kids that are willing to work! Saves my arm and my back!

 There was one Saturday in October where nothing was going on. I decided I needed a little time with just me and God. I drove up to the forest and took in all the beautiful fall colors. I was thankful I took the time to do this. It was such a blessing when I asked God to delight me and on the way back a herd of elk were beside the road. The trophy bull elk was breathtaking! Another example of how God knows what we need when we need it. I just needed to know that He loves me and He sees me.

Some pictures of a quaint little creek I stopped and looked at. It is a shame that I live 45 minutes away from this area and I rarely get to get up there. I am determined to take the kids hiking next year!

 Jackie and her kids came up to watch my big boys play football. It was fun to watch a home game with her. Her kids ended up getting sick so she had to go home early. So it was a whirlwind visit. This is what we do in our hometown in the fall. We watch LOTS of football! Steve and Dad are in the background. It is a family thing!

 Here is a great picture of my boys! They have worked so hard this year. Both of them are on the line. At first they were really competitive and it was not so fun to listen to them after practice, but as the season has gone by they have developed a respect for each others strengths and differences. It has been cool to watch. ( Love Marcus's friend, Russell, photobombing them in the back. So him!)
 Marcus's last JV game. They did a great job and won every game they played this year!

The Varsity team is going to semi-finals this Saturday to see if they will play in the Championship game. Our boys are defending their title of being the 1A State Champs last year! I know we can do it and can't wait to watch them go head to head with the best teams in Oregon!

I was able to have my sister, Jackie and my mom come over last weekend and scrapbook. I got around 30-40 pages done. It was so fun to do something creative and have hard copies of some of my favorite memories. We were going to go into Portland but the anti-Trump riots were kind of scary sounding, so we opted to play it safe and stay and my house while Steve took the kids to go to the play off game.

Right now life is good. We are not without struggle but we are certainly staying busy trying to keep up with all these kids and their activities. Steve has never tried harder to try to get to all their games this year. Not an easy task for someone who works 24 hours when he is on shift! He is probably the greatest Ranger fan out there right now. He loves to root and cheer (loudly) for our kids and everyone else's kids too!

As we approach Thanksgiving, I just want to thank the Lord for the good times and the bad times. The good times are good of course because they are joyful and easy to walk through. But I am learning that the Lord redeems the bad times as well. What we think are disasters become some of our greatest victories! 


Becky L. said...

I enjoy your update very much. It's fun to see how much your children have grown up. Your football boys look great! We were supposed to into Portland a couple times but didn't due to the riots. Had to make different plans but it's all good. Have a good week my friend. God bless you and your family.

Camille said...

What a FULL life the Lord has given you! I enjoyed this *catch up* post of all the happenings around there, my friend. How the kids have grown!! You have two brave (crazy?) young men!! It is a rough sport. What a blessing that they are appreciating each other's strengths. Your woods look beautiful....what a lovely time the Lord blessed you with! Your flower gardens are really have a green thumb. :) Hugs to you! Love, Camille

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