Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Trip to Canada! Part One

While I was in Mexico when some wonderful friends, I felt the Lord speaking to my heart about dreaming again. I have been very consumed with raising my family, being a good wife and mother and active in my church. But one thing I think I have lost is a discovering "me". I know that sounds a little self-centered, but I realized that I have one life to live. I have always been a very cautious person, taking as few risks as possible. I have anxiety when I feel out of control. That's why traveling is so hard for me. Getting on a plane and going some place unfamiliar was a HUGE step for me. I am so grateful for the patience of my traveling companions! The only way of overcoming this fear is to actually go and do something!

After traveling to Mexico and spending all that money on a passport, I thought what a waste to only use it once. My sister and I concocted a plan to go visit our mutual blog friend, Camille from "Flowers in His Garden". Jackie from "Homestead Wannabees", contacted Camille and asked if we could come up to Canada and visit! She was thrilled and said yes. The next thing we know our other mutual blog friend, Jenn from "Wanting What I Have" said she could fly in from Georgia!!! Our hearts were amazed at what God was doing! We started saving every penny of our mad money and made this trip a reality this August. It still feels like a dream, that I, scaredy-cat, Stacie travelled to two countries in one year!

Here are some memories of our amazing trip! Let's see if I can beat my other blog friends! LOL! I guarantee you their pictures will be better. They are gifted photographers while I am not.

We stopped at the Aplets and Cotlets factory in Cashmere, Washington. Didn't get a tour because of a bus tour that was going on. 

 I LOVE these candies! This is what my step mom always gets me for Christmas!

 Jackie and I found genuine Turkish Delights! Can't wait to try them. The lady in the background looked really tired and grumpy!

 We drove to Canada in one straight shot. Took us about 8 hours total. Here we are at the Peace Arch Park waiting in line to get through the Border. We were so nervous that it would be a pain to get across. They aren't kidding, it is the "friendliest border in the world". They barely ask questions and didn't inspect a thing. Kind of scary to see how easy it would be for bad guys to get something through.

Almost to the Canadian Border! At least they had beautiful gardens to look at while were were waiting in line.

Camille's house was just a few minutes away from the Canadian Border so it was pretty easy to get too. We both didn't feel like upgrading our cell phone plans so we had no GPS or cell service. It was good for us!

Here we are all together. from left to right: Me, Jackie, Jenn and Camille in front of Camille's lovely house! We were all so excited to meet one another! It was crazy to be seeing each other face to face and hear one another's accents. Jenn with her southern accent, Camille with her Canadian, and apparently we had accents to them! Jenn and I kept looking at each other and saying, "I can't believe this is happening!" We all started blogging around the same time which was in 2008 I believe. We have followed each other's lives via blog. We have all had many ups and downs in these past years and have loved, supported, and prayed for each other and their families.

 That evening after a delicious dinner, Camille took us to the waterfront as the sun was setting. It was such a gorgeous evening.

 Here is a view of the pier lit up in Surrey, Canada. 

 Loved this Bible verse etched into the pier. John 6:37. The sky just glowed that evening!

 Couldn't resist getting a picture of Camille, Jenn and Jackie "catching up" on each other's lives. I don't think we stopped talking for two and a half days! We had so many questions and so many gaps to fill in since we don't share everything on the Internet.

Camille treated us to Gellato (sp? my spell checker decided to quit working). I had never had it! The flavor I chose was Baklava. It was amazing! 

The next day we took a trip into the big city of Vancouver, B.C. City life is NOT my idea of a good time, but Camille showed us many beautiful sights that were special to her and by the end of the tour I could truly appreciate the beauty of this large city. 

 I couldn't help but notice Canadians refer to their bathrooms as WASHROOMS. Interesting.  A much more genteel way of saying it.
 The Olympic Torch in Vancouver, B.C.. It wasn't lit up but I bet it would be beautiful at night when it is.

 Jackie and I have never seen a large cruise ship up close before and it was fun doing some people watching while Camille and Jenn went on a virtual tour of Canada. Both Jackie and I get motion sickness, so it wasn't for us.

A view from Canada Place in Vancouver. 

I will post more pics later, but this is a good start!


Becky L. said...

Oh how fun you got to meet Camille!! Aw I wish I were a sweater in your luggage and gone with you. Maybe one if these years! Glad you had a good time together. Funny how some of us all started blogging the same time and still in contact. I've met Stacie and now meet up with a few other ladies who blog in OR and one in WA. We've bonded well. Years ago we were there in BC for world's fair when our children were very young. Thanks for sharing your trip in photos. Have a blessed day!

Becky L. said...

Oh for some reason I thought this was Jackie's blog. Guess I'm not quite awake when I was first reading this. Tee hee!!

Catherine said...

I am SO glad for you that this dream came true! Your blog and pics show the pleasure and beauty you embraced!

mag brewer said...

So so glad you did it!!! Now where? Don't you have 10 years before it expires? ��

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Probably won't need the passport for awhile. Thinking Alaska or Georgia next! Going to start praying about it!

Becky L. said...

We'd like a cruise to Alaska one of these years. You do need a passport for that one. Oh so many places to go, so little time and money!

Camille said...

What FUN, Stacie. I finally can hear your voice through your writing....I love that! I enjoyed reading through this post and getting your perspective on the whole thing...your photos captured the moments so well. Thank you for making the trek up here and for gamely joining in on all the journeys we took together. What a blessing from the Lord...He is so very good to us, isn't He? Big Hugs! Camille XO

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