Monday, August 8, 2016

Catch Up Post! (Sort of)

I am getting so far behind on updating my blog, I don't know if I can truly catch up. I used to post everything we did as a family as sort of a family record. But right now life is all about my kids and all their activities. The kids are 17, 15, 13, 11, 9, and 7 right now. You can only imagine how busy life is! But here is a shot at it...

 We were invited to go fishing and a BBQ with our church family up at Camp Baldwin. As you can see it was beautiful! The lake had been just stocked with trout so the little kids were catching them like crazy! Lily caught her first fish, then another and another. Here is Pastor Tim seeing if Lily wanted to touch her fish. Uhhh, it wasn't happening! She is just like her mama. I so hated touching fish that I would fish without bait because no one ever wanted to take it off the hook for me when I was a kid! I know, I am kind of strange. Tee hee!

 My dad just bought a small babysitter horse named Lancer. Lily was so excited to ride a big horse by herself for the first time! As you can see, it was an unexpected ride and she was really equipped for it. Just a few laps around the corral this time!

 Jessica loves doing Lily's hair. I thought it looked so pretty this day!

 Right out of the gate, this summer got busy FAST! Jessica was invited to do a summer basketball league. It was quite challenging as it was basically our eight graders and freshmen against several varsity and JV teams. We didn't win a game but we were challenged and these girls learned a lot. It was fun to watch even though it was kind of scary watching them go against such aggresive players. They sure weren't afraid though!

 Here Jessica is the point guard setting up the play.

 We took Steve out for Mexican food on Father's Day. I couldn't manage to get my whole brood in the photo, but we are all there!

We were invited to a friend's birthday party early this summer. You know you live in a small town when you can't find a tree to hang a pinata from and your grandpa goes and gets his backhoe to hang it from. I LOVED this! So something my family would do!

 My flower beds are completely full now. This was the beginning of summer. My hollyhocks are beautiful and I love how they are growing out of my rock wall! The sunflowers went crazy this year too!

Gets pretty hot on our backdeck so we bought this little pool from our tiny hardware store. The girls and I enjoy sitting around soaking our feet in it. It gets so hot here! 

 Squeezed in another visit to my sister's! Here I am with Little Rina, my precious niece. She thinks I am her mom half the time.

 Rina and Jessica playing in the splash park in the town my sister lives in. She looked so cute in her tutu swimsuit!

 Rina enjoying her cake! Grandma Kricket in the background at Jackie's little homestead.

 Rina came to visit us for about 9 days this summer. I watched her while Jackie went to visit her husband Michael in Virginia. He was at a training school for the military for about 2 and a half months. It was hard having a little one again and made me appreciate the freedom that I have with my older children. But I wouldn't have traded this time with Rina for anything. Here she is bonding with her Uncle Steve!

I love this saying that my friend, Leona, has in her office. It says it all! 


Camille said...

What FUN to see into some of the happenings of your family, my friend. It's a busy, but, beautiful life the Lord has given you. I am praying for you today as you minister to your precious family. What you are doing is of eternal value...don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Take all the busyness in moment by moment slices...the Lord is with you each step of the way. XOXO

Becky L. said...

A busy life indeed but looks like it's been good life happenings. Was just thinking of you the other day. Good to see an update from you. God continue to bless you and keep you safe. Hugs!!

Chelle said...

Great to see another post. Life does go by fast. We have been busy here as well. Love your flower bed. It is beautiful.

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