Thursday, August 11, 2016

Canadian Trip Part 2

Here is the rest of my trip...

 Camille took us around a beautiful park in the middle of the city called Stanley Park. It would be the equivalent to Central Park for New Yorkers. The park had many features and was HUGE! Jackie and Jenn are taking pictures of the ocean. This is right after Jackie dropped her cell phone down a small cliff in the bushes. I had a hold of her while she fished it out. It was pretty scary, but then we laughed hard when she found it. Whew!

This was my favorite spot in the park. It was very tranquil here.

This was a little lighthouse.

The King's Cross bridge, I believe.

 The favorite activity for me was going to High Tea at the "White House". It was owned by a doctor in the 1800's. Very quaint!

 Camille, and Jenn getting ready to have High Tea...

 The presentation was beautiful, and the food was as amazing as it looked. Such different flavors and variety!

 It didn't look like a lot of food, but by the time you got to dessert you felt like you were ready to pop!

We ate in the carriage room where the good doctor stored his carriage. Very cool! I loved the ladder resting on the rafters.

Before we left Camille's we asked if we could see their son, Austin's grave. Austin died a few years back and was an integral part of their family. Camille was very honest in her grief and has used her pain to point people to the Lord and share her testimony over and over again. I have never met any couple so eternally-minded. The love Jesus so much and they can't wait to be reunited in Heaven with their son. The was the most well-tended grave I have ever seen. Thank you, Camille for sharing your hope with us.

 Here we are back in the States. Again, other than traffic, the border crossing was a cinch.

 There was this weird art right when you got into America. I think it was made out of metal. Fascinating!!!

One more parting shot of my other half! So thankful that we took this journey together. This was the longest sister trip we have ever been able to take. We are already making plans to go on another one to visit far away friends. It cost so much less when you have someone you can lodge with and can take you around to see the sights! Traveling really can be affordable! Then you can spend your money on delicious food and experiences.

Thank you, Lord, for giving us this gift and for bringing us back home refreshed so that we can pour into our families.


Camille said...

SO glad you were able to come!!! What a sweet blessing it has been to meet up face to face. How good and gracious the Lord is to us. You captured it all wonderfully well, Stacie...I have enjoyed seeing it through your eyes. Big Hugs! Camille xo

Rachel and Family said...

A High Tea! How wonderful! I love reading about your trip and seeing all the pictures.

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