Tuesday, April 26, 2016

One Crazy Spring!

 My mellow spring shattered into a million pieces when Steve got the little ones excited about Little League. So we are now having a new adventure! We have entered the world of baseball. Can I just say, I never knew there were so many pieces of a uniform to keep track of!?1

Lily is in T-Ball and Jacob made the Minors team. They LOVE it!  I am not really a fan of baseball so I content learning how to do concessions and pitch count. Just give me something to do and I am happy.

What blesses my heart most of all, is to see Steve out there working with them in our back lot or at the City park. They practice for hours! So good for them all.

Lily's hat is huge on her! 

 We made a trip to go visit this little Cutie, Rina. Jessica is just in love with her newest cousin!

 We celebrated Lily's birthday at my sister's house. She looked so pretty in her new dress.

Lily posing with a Lily in Walmart

Rina falling asleep swinging with Jackie and I on their homestead.

Rina loves playing with Lily too!

Jackie's friend made a doll cake for Lily. She did such a good job and it was yummy too!

I still am watching my Miss Amanda during school days. Just love this little ray of sunshine God has put in my life!

 My tulips expanded this year and I also added Hyacinths to the tulip/daffodil mix. I LOVE my flower garden!

 We decided that our big splurge this year would be on a privacy fence. My brother, his wife and I tirelessly worked on it for about a week. So worth it! We will try to enclose the whole extra lot next year. Pretty spendy to do 210 feet of privacy fence.

 I made the whole family help the first day! Lots of digging to be done.

 It is starting to take shape!

Here is the finished product!

Now the kids don't have to chase their baseballs!

 Jessica took these beautiful pictures of my flowers!

 We have had some fun this spring, too. We took time to go play at the creek at my parent's ranch. It dries up the summer, so we take advantage of the good weather and go when we can. This time, the kids asked if they could have a mud fight. I actually let them! They had so much fun!

My favorite time of the year is spring. Everything seems so fresh and new. Beauty is everywhere and it gives me such hope for new beginnings. God is so good and continually loves and restores us to Him. He will never let go and I will never let go of Him. Raising teens has been a challenge that I had not been prepared for. Every day presents drama but I am learning to rest in between and it is GOOD. It is good because He is a GOOD God.


Camille said...

Lovely to *see* you here, my friend. It looks like SO much has been going on around your home and in your lives. Little League...now, that's an adventure we've never been on....what a blessing for your children! How grown up Lily is getting to be!! Hang in there...one day at a time with the Lord. Hugs to you! Love, Camille

Becky L. said...

Amazing what spring has in store for us. Lily has grown so much and saw in the photos on Jackie's blog as well. Glad you have the fence done. A big expense but good for boundary and privacy and less children wandering out?! We're getting a new roof on our house this summer. We're hiring a good contractor to do it. Once less thing to worry about when the rain and winds come upon us. Happy week, my friend!

skylar chambers said...

Great blog!

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