Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Barra De Potosi Part 2

Our balcony had a lovely view of the grounds, pool and beach.

I loved the bed on the balcony you could lounge around on to take a nap or read a good book. I read a whole book in a week! I never get that luxury!

 Here is a nice view of the lap portion of the pool.

Our bungalow. Our room was on the second story. 

 Our room was simple, but nice. Very large and perfect for three people!

 The shower took some getting used to for a modest girl like me. I felt a bit like Bathsheba bathing on the rooftop. It was an open air shower with palm trees strategically placed all our it. I have never showered within view or sound of the ocean.

 There are hammocks everywhere! Our room had one, our section of the beach and even the restaurants on the beach had them! I am not exactly a hammock girl, but I tried this one on the beach.

 Then I looked up and saw these huge coconuts that looked like they could crush my skull if they fell on me. I moved quickly! It was coconut season so they could have easily fallen on me. The caretaker of our place would daily climb up and cut down coconuts for us to drink and each. I have never had fresh coconut like that before. We were even treated to a young coconut. I did not like it! I was told it tasted like custard. To me it tasted like coconut slime.

 The grounds were well cared for. Hector, the caretaker, hand-watered every plant every day it seemed.

 More pictures of the pool and the grounds. The fountain is at the end of the pool.

 I asked them to turn the fountain on. I guess they don't run it all the time because electricity is one of their biggest expenses down here in Mexico. It was so pretty and I loved the sound of the water gently going back into the pool.

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