Friday, November 6, 2015

Catch Up Post for Fall of 2015

 We have had a very busy fall. I thought I lucked out and just had two kids in high school football, but Jessica decided to go out for Junior High Volleyball at the last minute, so my vision of an easy fall was smashed to smithereens! Homecoming week in a small town is CRAZY! Lots of fun but lots of activities. The kids dress up every day. Lily is dressed up as a "geezer" here.

 Halloween costume day, featured Lily as Elsa (along with 20 other girls!)
 We had to creative with Jacob's costume. We labeled him the "crazy San Francisco fan". Hey, it works!

 Career day, I was so proud of Lily who chose to be a "Stay at Home Mom".

 Of course, Jacob chose his career as a marine. No we did not let him take the gun to school!

 I love a school that fits in one gym. This is K-12! I think we have less than 300 students total.

 My mums lived! Well, half of them. The ones that did live got huge! I am so pleased to still have color this late in fall.

 Steve is still staying busy. Here is a car fire. He is the one in the middle. Proud of my firefighter!

 Got to go visit my sweet twin sis and her family a few weekends back. Here is Rina and her Auntie Stacie. Love getting my baby fixes in!

 Rina still fits in the dress that I got her when she was born. She is all dressed up for her baby dedication. This is my sis, Jackie with her sweet baby.

 Jackie, Michael and Rina at her dedication. I was privileged to be able to sing Serene and Pearl's song to her called "A Mother's Prayer." I love songs that make people cry.

 Here is Jess getting ready for the other team's serve. She is such a good volleyball player. The whole team has improved so much! Very exciting to watch! They won a lot of games this year.

 Here is Marcus playing in his first varsity game. His the one crouching on the line.

 Marcus is Number 2. I can't believe how big my 15 year old is getting!

Here is a parting shot of Lily showing off her six year old gap! Oh my has time flown by. How it possible that she is this old. It is so precious. I want to take time to savor all this. Relish it. Love it.

God, you have blessed me beyond belief. Is life perfect? Absolutely not! I am struggling with real problems. But God continues to put them into perspective. I have been through much, much worse. people around the world are going through much, much harder things than my measly problems.

Right now, I am preparing to have surgery on my right elbow. This is going to be quite challenging since I am right-handed. I am crazily preparing meals and freezing them, trying to get caught up on housework and training my children to step it up and help out around here more. I would appreciate your prayers for patience, kindness and gentleness to permeate my soul through the Holy Spirit within me.

Blessings to all!

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aimee said...

What wonderful photos of your family and your niece Baby Rina! Small towns are wonderful--I am always drawn to them. May God grant you the desires of your heart, as you have listed them, during your upcoming surgery and recovery. God bless!
Blessings, Aimee

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