Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring-2015: God is Good!

 Spring has sprung around here. I was so pleased with the bulb planting efforts this last year. My daffodils and tulips all came in and were beautiful. Can't wait till next year when they fill out a bit more.

 Here is a picture of the front beds. The tulips haven't bloomed yet though.

 Josh is in the thick of driving school. It is spendy but it will be worth it. He does pretty good. :)

 My twin, Jackie and I now have the most similar hair since we were kids. I think this is the first time in our 40 years that my hair is actually longer than hers!

 Miss Lily had a birthday! I found this Elsa costume online and she is in love with it!

 We celebrated her birthday at her Aunt Jackie's. It was fun having Hailey has her lady-in-waiting holding her train up the whole time. She was truly a princess that day!

 We have taken a lot of time to go play at the ranch this spring. We like to take advantage of playing in the creek before it dries up in the heat of the summer months.

 On Easter weekend, I threw a shower for my sister. It was fun doing the whole "baby" thing again.

 That same night as the shower, our family had a birthday party for Jackie, my SIL, Sonya, and I. Yes, we all have the same birthday! Crazy!

 Part of spring at the ranch is branding season. My two older boys, Josh and Marcus were invaluable as they helped "mug" cows and hold them down so they could be given their shots, markings and of course brands.

 Papa, really enjoys having his big, strapping grandsons to help them.

 I have been continuing to decorate my home with some added touches. I just replaced the 20 year old blinds with some pretty curtains.

 I also, painted my office and hung a picture. I love how the colors turned out. Very warm and inviting! The only thing left to paint is my bedroom!

Andrew also had a birthday! He turned 10 this year! We took his friends out to the ranch and played in the creek then had cake and ice cream!

What fun we have been having! God is so faithful and good and is restoring to us the years the locusts have eaten. He moved us out of our comfort zone and moved us into a spacious place. A place of new memories. New experiences. New life in Him. It is sooo good.

He truly is a faithful God that knows what He is doing. To see how He has lined things up for our family in the past three years is absolutely amazing.


Becky L. said...

Thanks for sharing your spring with me. Lovely flowers. I am sad to see the tulips all gone now. I tossed the last ones I had on our table over a week. Sigh! Amazing that your son is driving....happy all of life is better for you and thankful you have God to help and restore what was lost in your "locust infestation". Continued prayers and enjoying your celebrations of birthdays and a new baby for your Jackie! Hugs, my friend!

Camille said...

I enjoyed this *catch up* post, my friend. I like seeing you and Jackie together. :) And, it looks like everything is blooming nicely and your home is coming together for you beautifully. Hugs to you! Camille

Nadine said...

It looks like you are all settling in to your new place.
Happy Spring to you all!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Your place is something to be proud of, sis!

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