Monday, April 6, 2015

Exposing the Lie of Multi-tasking

"There is no rest in trying to do everything at once. No beginning and no end."-Kathi Lipp
I am so sick of multi-tasking! Can I just say that? I have realized that I got into the bad habit of multi-tasking when I was homeschooling my kids. I cooked and taught. I changed diapers and taught. I cleaned house and taught. I did my Bible study and taught! I even disciplined another child and taught at the same time. Ugh!!! No more!

I have asked God to help me recognize when I am doing two or three things at once. I want to take stress out of my life and do things well. I can only do this when I focus on one task at a time.

I read this passage from a book called "The Cure For the 'Perfect' Life" by Kathy Lipp and Cheri Gregory.

It says, "Multitasking is the great lie of the 21st century. While research has shown that men tend to think about one thing at a time, women usually are thinking about several things at once. But that doesn't mean we are good at doing several things at once. 

Part of the reason we feel on edge is that we've set up unreasonable expectations about the amount of work we should be able to get done. Without taking other factors into consideration:


I should be able to get this report written while my two-year-old naps in the other room.
I should be able to cook dinner in the 15 minutes we are home between school and rugby practice.

I should be able to clean out my daughter's room and then paint it today.

Anytime your thought or conversation starts with 'I should be able to ...' check to see if you're setting up an unreasonable expectation for yourself. When we expect to get too much done in a day, we start cutting out the luxuries, (a nap, time with our husband, playing the dog, exercise, reading) to catch up on the things we 'should have been able to get done.'"

Those are some wise words! Now, when I am feeling overwhelmed by all the kids coming at me at once for something, I take one kid aside and make the others wait. They need to know they are being heard. They need to know what they are saying is being valued. Kids can get lost when you have a large family. I am very aware of this danger and have to be extra diligent to make sure they know they are not lost in the shuffle.

Anyone else struggling with multi-tasking? I would love to hear some of your strategies!

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