Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Month of Blessings

Our van was acting up and we were told by a mechanic to just try to trade it in or sell it. We let it sit most the summer because we couldn't make up our minds. We knew we couldn't afford car payments and we knew we couldn't come up with $20,000 for a reliable newer used rig. Well, I am so glad we prayed and waited. The other day, I decided to take it in to get a second opinion. It was a $20 fix! Can you believe it? What a relief and what a blessing!!!! Thank you, Lord! Our family loves our van and it was good for the kids. They now appreciate it even more since they spent the last two months crammed up in the old Suburban. God is so faithful and good!

 Josh has a girlfriend now. Her name is Evie, and she is just precious! They had a wonderful time getting ready for homecoming (both a new experience for them).  I enjoyed taking pictures and being their driver. Josh has his permit, but is still working on his license. They were good sports and thanked me at the end of the night for making it special.

 They get a long really well and she is very good for him. I was really scared at first but I have released both of them into God's hands and have such peace. She is starting to come to youth group with him and she enjoys hanging out with our family.

 Here is Josh playing a tiny bit. He is number 11. The Rangers are a really good team and I believe are number one in their league right now. They work so hard. Josh came in this year as a complete rookie. These kids have been playing together for years, but because of his hard work and willingness to learn, they seem to accept him pretty good. Football has been great for Josh. He is motivated to keep his grades up and the physical exercise really helps his OCD.  I can't wait to watch him grow each year and develop into a great player. He certainly has the heart!

 He even made it in the paper! He is the one on the far left!

Between Junior High volleyball, Junior High football, and High school football, my three older children had about 25 games between all of them! It was a very busy two months. Josh is going on with his team to the High school eight man football championships, so there might be several more games to go!

Deer season came upon us as well. Steve managed to get a huge buck! Huge for him anyway. He usually gets tiny spikes so he was stoked! A friend gave us their deer as well, so our freezer has lots of venison in it. Time to get online and look up venison recipes! I am not a fan, but if I can disguise the gamy taste, I can hack it. Meat is meat when you have a family of eight!

I have taken up several projects this past month. The main one was getting my yard ready and planting about 190 daffodil and tulips bulbs, also, spreading bark chip and killing weeds. Lots to do around here! The other project I did around the house was to paint and redecorate the living room and dining room. It is about 80 percent finished. I ran out of money! I will try to do a before and after post soon.

 Jackie and I were able to go on a very short sister trip. We drove and drove and drove. It was so relaxing and fun!
 We stayed at a little place by the Deschutes River. We actually got pictures of each other. We are usually the ones behind the camera.

 My twin sister is pregnant! She was fighting morning sickness bad this weekend. I felt bad for her. I can't wait to be an aunt again and hold another baby!!!

Love how the sun was going down and hitting the water! Very pretty!

God has been so faithful to us. Days are not without struggle, but when you know that you are in His will it helps get you through those hard days. I think about how far we have come. Almost three years ago I was holding on by a thread. At least that's how I felt, but now I realize just how strong the Hand of God really is. He never let me go. I am stronger, less afraid, and less controlling. My capacity to love the unlovely, has increased. I am learning that trials do get better and "Joy comes in the Morning", even if that morning is three years away. Joy. Will. Come.

Life is so full right now, but I see that it is fully of blessings. 


Rachel and Family said...

I loved reading that and I love you and your family so much!! Josh is just growin' and growin' and it makes me smile to see him. Ann says "hi" too.

Becky L. said...

So glad your van is up and running again. I enjoyed all your photos, esp Josh and his girlfriend. Hope it works out for them. Wow. Congrats on being an aunt again. Yes, God is faithful through all our trials. We are seeking an answer for a job for Megan. It's been hard for her but it's gotta be out there,,,,,we know it! Hugs and blessings, Becky

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm sooo happy you guys have the van back! Thank you for making a sister weekend a priority. I had so much fun even though I wasn't feeling great. Isn't Josh on the far right in that photo? I'm so glad we got to watch him play last week. What fun and he did so great!

Terri Cheney said...

Congratulations to your sister, and on your van repair, too. Nice to catch up with you.

In the days when we fed 7 routinely a co-worker of John's used to give us all his venison. He had it all ground and I mixed it with the cheapest ground beef I could buy to help cut the overall gaminess of it. The beef added much needed fat to this super lean meat.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thanks Terri, Rachel, Becky and Jackie!

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