Thursday, October 2, 2014

September Catch Up

(Jessica helped me organize the pantry the other day. What a blessing! I finally know where everything is!)

Life is good. It just is. There is food on the table. Healthy children. A new house to paint and decorate. Family and friends that are dear to me popping in and out of my home. I LOVE it!

I also have a new job. I watch a sweet, disabled young woman three days a week while the kids are in school. She is precious! There is no room to ever feel sorry for myself when she is around. Amanda's smile is contagious and her laughter makes me laugh. CONSTANTLY!

 The kids love Amanda and are upset that that the only time I watch her is while they are at school. So we are trying to figure out a time when we can give her parents a "date" so the kids can hang out with her too.

 Lily LOVES Kindergarten! She does her homework every night and is bummed when a weekend comes and she can't go to school.

 Josh turned 16 this month! I can't believe it! He is so tall and looks like a young man. He is doing well in football and really enjoys the team aspect of it.

 Marcus turned 14 this month too. He is almost as big as his brother. These boys are growing up fast! He loves football too and is liking the center position. I am having to try to memorize and pay attention to all these new terms that are flying at me. I am actually enjoying watching football now that they are in it and I know a bit more about what is happening.

 The girls and I took time to take a hike a few weekends back. The weather was gorgeous!

Lily is starting to look like a young lady now. 

Living in this new town has been such a blessing. It is all I thought it would be and more. I have been really busy planting perennials at the last minute. I keep finding them on clearance! Painting the inside of the house has been a priority as well. I will do a separate post on that. It is starting to feel like home. I like that :)

Community Bible study has started back up and we studying Job. I have never done an in-depth study on this book of the Bible. It has been more challenging than I thought. But it has also shown me how far I have come. I can identify with Job in many ways. It was almost three years ago that our world came crashing down. I felt many of the same emotions and questioned God just like Job did. But I have survived and thrived. It has been such a blessing to look back and see what God has done for us. He is turning my weeping into dancing. I knew it would come again, sometimes our "joy that comes in the morning", takes years. But it will come.


Nadine said...

So happy to hear that you and your family are settling into your new home and that things are going well!

God Bless!

Becky L. said...

I really like your pantry. Always enjoyed the one my mom had in a house we lived in years ago. Oh well, I'm glad we have the shelves in laundry room, so not gonna complain. Thanks for the update and you sound so happy. Email me your new address! Lily is adorable! Glad life is getting batter for all of you! Hugs and prayers!

Terri Cheney said...

Lovely to hear you sounding so busy and cheerful and fulfilled. I am so happy that the new place is a joy!

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