Saturday, August 23, 2014

July and August of 2014. Lots to be Thankful for :)

(A scripture that has given me much hope for the past three years. It is starting to come true.)

Wow! Has it really been over a month since I last posted something? I am not sure where to even begin. Life has taken over and blogging has been set on the back-burner, as it should be.

I can't believe that we are about ready to start school again. Only this time EVERYTHING will be different! We are four blocks away from the school/library/gym. I am pinching myself. No trips back and forth and trying to balance dinner and everything else while trying to get kids home from their after-school activities.

We have lived in our new house since June and I LOVE it! It is a spacious place as the Lord promised me several years back. The manufactured home has a newer and more modern feel to it even though it is just three years newer than our old one we just sold.

Deck before

Deck after

Kid's bathroom painted is some nice neutrals
Did I just mention "sold"? Yes! Finally after TWO years we have officially sold our home! What a roller-coaster ride. But man, did God stretch and grow me. I am NOT the same person I was before. I have learned some valuable lessons on waiting on the Lord. We are thrilled to not have to take care of two homes. We can now concentrate on getting the home and yard how we envision. I guess I mean me, because Steve could care less ;) Tee hee! I have been so busy and my body is very sore. I have painted the deck and skirting, painted the front wheelchair ramp, painted the kid's bathroom, and half of the little boy's room and a bunch of doors. We will hopefully sign on this house next week sometime. Yeah!!!!

Lots of squash this year! Oh my! They all cross-pollinated, so it has been pretty funny to see the different "varieties".

On the outside I am hoeing weeds and roots to get to the dirt so that I will be ready to go next year when I want to start planting flowers in the spring. I have a large garden with more squash than anything. And I am trying to revive a lawn to it's former glory.

On the downside this summer, we have been plagued with car, van and Suburban troubles. Lots of money has gone into these rigs and we finally had to make the hard decision to park our 12 passenger van for the winter. In the spring, we hope to trade it in for a used, but more reliable Suburban. The 12 passenger van was great for when our children were little with all the car seats, but now I think a four-wheel drive Suburban would be just fine for us. We are also going to sell our little Honda Ruckus, since Steve doesn't need it to get to work. Can't take it on the highway.  I am praying that with our tax returns, we will have enough. We were tempted to have car payments, but I know that debt isn't God's will for us. We have been debt-free for eight years except our house payment. It is so liberating! I would rather make due with our old Suburban/hunting rig then be a slave to a car payment. Ahhhh, contentment. Another big lesson God has worked with me on the past two years.

Lily in a school outfit I bought her! Praise the Lord, I only had to buy a few items for the kid's wardrobes. I was able to hit some really good yardsales and thriftstore shop too. I love to save money that way!

Our family is doing great! Kids love it here. Everyone is healthy. Most of them are looking forward to getting back to school. Jessica is going to try volleyball this year. Josh is going to be doing football as a Sophomore. He has never played before, so I am a bit nervous for him. He just finished his daily doubles this week. Marcus is going to do football too. He and his friend, Russell will be two of the biggest kids on the team, so I think he will get to play a LOT this year. Andrew is going to be involved in his Lego Robotics Club, where he just shines! Jacob isn't doing anything until the winter and Lily is going to be a Kindergartner! She is soooo excited!
Josh using Snickers as a pillow after his last football practice this week. He worked so hard! I really am proud of him. And he didn't puke once!

Andrew helping his friend at Lego Robotics last year.

 I got to fill out SIX registration forms for school! Took hours. Jessica has mercy on me and helped me fill out one and a half. 

 Big news! Josh got his Learner's Permit. Here he is concentrating while driving. He is doing really good so far!

 Dad and Josh drove his tractors in our little community's parade this year.

 Can't seem him very well, but Josh got to drive his late Grandpa's. Pretty special! Grandpa Fay has been gone for a year now. It just doesn't seem possible.

That is all I can think of now. This post is probably full of typos, but at least I got one out there!


Camille said...

Sooo good to *see* you here my friend! Thank you for the update on your lives. How wonderful to know that your home sold and you are enjoying your new location...what a blessing! It's great that you are so close to your children's school...that will streamline things for you for sure. Ah, yes...driver training...LOTS of fun! :) Hugs to you! Camille

mindy said...

Was just thinking about you and your family this morning. So good to hear of all the exciting blessings in your life.

Nadine said...

Congratulations on your home selling!
We have some odd looking squash this year!

Terri Cheney said...

So happy your former home sold! Sounds like you've had a busy and happy summer.

M said...

Congratulations and I'm genuinely happy for you Stacie! BTW, I love what you did to your deck, so lovely!

Wanting What I Have said...

Oh yay!!! Such great news! I've been absent from blog land for so long and am a bit behind. :) I am SO HAPPY for you that your home sold and you are in a closer location for activities, etc and that you're loving your new home. What blessings! I'm thrilled for you. Love and miss you!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I can't believe how much you've done with your new place already. Keep up the good work, but don't kill yourself in the process ;) Love you, Sis!

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