Friday, May 9, 2014

The Lord of Change: Dealing With Spiritual Whiplash

Wow, what a week this has been! After waiting since January for our buyer to buy our house, he couldn't get financing. We were stunned. After waiting for months, 29 days before closing it all fell through. The miraculous thing is I had such peace. I had foolishly entered into a contract without reading the fine print. It gave the buyer way too many cards. I saw my mistake two weeks ago and prayed to God, "Lord, I have been a dumb sheep! I need you to protect us. We need a miracle. I am running to You, my Shepherd. I am seeking You and asking you to rescue us." Boy, did He. I felt instant relief when our neighbor said he couldn't come up with the money. I should have been spitting nails. I should have been so angry. Instead, the knot in my stomach went away and I knew I could trust the Lord. That "peace that passes all understanding" that I had been craving for two weeks finally came. I would rather have peace than a sale! I was even able to tell our buyer "No worries and no hard feelings. It is all good. God has a plan." Oh, how God has changed me!

So now what? This time we did not lose our house that we want to buy. We are so grateful that our seller is willing to wait on the Lord. Before the seller and I prayed together, we agreed we would do absolutely NOTHING to manipulate this situation and try to figure out a way to make this happen. We want the Lord to make it obvious and we want to see His hand in it. This has been such an exciting ride! People are watching and waiting to see what the Lord is going to do. I LOVE working with a Christian. It is so different to have all your cards on the table and to be praying in one accord.

So today we are putting our house up on the market. I was trying to avoid having to show our house. It is no fun trying to keep everything clean with all these precious children. So my goal now is to trust that God is going to sell my house. It won't sell because it is perfectly clean and polished. I want to continue to have peace. I don't want to stress out. I have lived without stress for four months now and I didn't like how my body and mind were feeling for the past two weeks. It really is amazing what stress does to your body.

Please continue to pray for our family. Pray that we do not grow discouraged and we do not run ahead and make foolish mistakes. Pray we quietly trust and keep the faith. Not everyone's faith is strong. My children are really upset and wondering why God isn't answering our prayers. I am praying that God will show Himself to them. I want them to see He is good and there is no darkness in Him.

I read this devotion this morning and I just thought I would share it.

The Lord of Change

"Not all change is by choice. A marriage dissolves. Cherished friendships change in character or another person's choice cuts directly across our own. Bringing us where we never wanted to be. A career change, voluntary or involuntary, may disrupt our lives. Financial losses sweep away our props. Even geographic change can be disorienting.

For the believer, then, the question is vital: Is our God the Lord of change? Will he be with us in change, especially when it strains our trust to its limit? Ironically, while we trust him with our eternal fate, we may find it difficult to trust him for next month's car payment, a new relationship, or an unexpected turn in our lives.

In the kaleidoscopic whirl of our life patterns, it can be enormously reassuring to remind ourselves that God is unchanging; 'I the LORD do not change' -Malachi 3:6"

 -Gini Andrews


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow, the house looks great, Stace! It has been amazing to watch how God has moved in your situation. How He has protected your family. It took 18 months for our God story to take place, I know when it is His timing, God will move! I am praying it will be soon! Love you

Becky L. said...

I will pray for a new buyer for your house. Isn't it amazing how God can help us through the stressful times and ws go through it well! I recently had a "heart" issue with someone and it wasn't easy. ! My husband waa supportive and it's over, but there's still an ache now and then. It's good, though. Hugs and prayers for all.

aimee said...

"Ironically, while we trust him with our eternal fate, we may find it difficult to trust him for next month's car payment, a new relationship, or an unexpected turn in our lives..." You are SO right! When I read that sentence I realize just how foolish NOT trusting Him is in the smaller circumstances of our lives (and yet I go there often). Thanks for this post Stacie.
Wishing you a blessed Mother's Day this Sunday!

Mindy said...

An older believer often said, "God has four answers to prayer. Yes. No. Wait. I have something better for you."

Precious lessons to learn are to wait on Lord in all things and trust the Lord in all things. The Lord is exercising the faith of your children because it is more precious than gold.

May the Lord give you all grace and strength to wait on Him, rejoice in Him, and trust Him as He unfolds the next stage of your lives.

I am praying for a buyer and for your family to continue to grow closer to Him and each other in all these things. Blessings from afar!

Camille said...

It is absolutely amazing to step back and watch what the Lord will do...very often not what we think! May He give much peace and grace and strength for this journey He has you on. His ways are always best. What a blessing that you now know where you stand with your potential buyer. I am sure your home will be just the right one for just the right people. God's timing is perfect. Praying for you all. Hugs, Camille

Catherine said...

I am lifting you up, Stacie; as you know, God's timing is ALWAYS perfect. We'll wait on Him with you.

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