Sunday, March 2, 2014

Taking Time to Play

Sometimes you just have to pause and just have a little fun in life. After church last week, we headed out to my folk's ranch. It was almost 60 degrees out. The kids saw that the creek was running and begged to play in it.
 I was tempted to say "no", due to the fact that we had no extra clothes, or shoes if they fell in and got wet. I decided to just not care. My kids are not going to melt and they are not weenies like their mother. I grabbed my camera and decided to come with them. They set up a "camp" and started finding old metal stuff and began "cooking" some stew. It reminded me exactly of what I used to do growing up on a ranch. We did not have TV, video games, phones or the internet. We just had a huge 3000 acre ranch to run all over and explore! We would play for hours by the creek. Mixing up mud-pies and selling them to pretend costumers, was one such adventure.
 Well, you guess it, the kids got soaked! They were cold. Their teeth were chattering, but they were having so much fun!

Here is Lily capturing some water for her tasty "stew".

We enjoyed each other and the beautiful February day. After being cooped up in the house this winter, it amazes me how much less they fight when they are outside in the open space. Suddenly they are working as a team to build something. They are unified!

I want to do this more often. Take time to play. Take time to enjoy these precious six blessings that God has given me. My oldest son has only a few more years before he flies the coop. Is it possible? I look at my youngest and know it will truly happen in the blink of an eye. Am I too busy to enjoy it? Am I too focused on escaping the chaos that I miss my opportunities to have fun with them. Why must I always be so protective? Serious? Impatient? It is usually because I am focused on what isn't important.

"Please Lord, help me to focus on what you want me to focus on. Let your love, patience and joy come out of me and pour onto my children. Our family has been through a rough time. We have shed many tears. We have been angry and hurt and torn. But you are restoring us to something new. You are pouring out your compassion upon us. We have survived this and now let us not just survive, but thrive, Lord! You have cut off our branches so that we might bear more fruit for You. May it be a great harvest!  In Your precious Son's name, Jesus, Amen."


Camille said...

Beautiful post my friend! Yes, we just need to take time to play and enjoy these precious, fleeting days! God is truly Good! Always. With love, Camille

Becky L. said...

Looks like you all had fun. Lily is getting so big! Time flies so fast and now my children are adults. Those were the good times. Now we enjoy different moments with them. Thanks for sharing and having fun! Hugs!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Amen, Stace! Time goes so fast. I've noticed my kids fight way less now that we have some acreage to roam around on. It is just so awesome!

Wanting What I Have said...

Oh, me too, Stacie!!! An older and wiser friend admonished me to "Always go for the eternal." How right she is. And how I naturally focus on the here and now and most pressing, rather than the dear souls before me. And you're right. It will all be over in the blink of an eye. oh-and Lilly is SOOOOOO big!!!! :)

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