Friday, March 7, 2014

Sharing My Childhood with My Children

 The kids and I were dog-sitting the other day and were kind of feeling the cabin fever creep in. I told everyone to hop in the van. We were going to go for a ride down memory lane. I drove my van to the ranch I grew up on. We parked on the gravel road and jumped out. As we walked up the road, memories just flooded my mind. I told the kids about racing my horse as fast as I could down this road (bareback mind you) and trying to just hang on! We used to play Indiana Jones along the "jungles" of the creek's riparian zone. Now there is a fence along the creek to keep the cows out.
Of course, I had to talk about the dump, too. To the left side of the road was an old dump. As kids, one of our favorite things to was to go to the dump, find every glass bottle and smash them on the biggest rock we could find. I was able to point out the rock, too! The same old stove, box springs and washing machine drum was still sitting there. Crazy!

I told them about the bones of the old cow that used to be scattered under the trees. We used to pick through them and count the vertebrates. I looked over there, there were still some bones there!

Then I saw the big rock we used to climb. I remember my mom taking pictures of my sis and I on that rock. I told the kids to jump up there so I could a picture. I wish I could have got all of them on there. But only three were willing.

I told them about some of the naughty things we did as kids (like spitting on signs as we went by). My seven year old, Jacob, looked up at me and said, "Mom, I wish I had a childhood like yours. Yours was fun!". You are right, son. It was fun. It was free from TV, video games, computers, and phones. We just used our imaginations and played. My kids really can't imagine a world like that. Just like I can't imagine a world that my grandparents grew up in.

I am so thankful that my parents still have a ranch that my kids can grow up going to. We are truly blessed. Even though it is a different ranch, it is still a world away from the town life. Such valuable life lessons are being taught to them.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh goodness, the memories you've brought back. The fun we had! Do you remember the time we plastered mud all over the rocks down by the creek and we were going to sell them to museums as works of art? LOL, what fun times! The dump was my favorite, too. Digging for treasure, too fun!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

LOL, I just read your previous post and I saw that you remembered the mud spattered stones, too ;) I totally forget about the cow though. Do you remember the deer skull?

Jenna said...

We had similar childhoods. :)

Rachel and Family said...

I just love seeing how the Brown kids are growing!
I can not picture you spitting! What a wonderful trip down memory lane. My childhood was quite similar with fields and mudflats to play in. Oh the mischief we would find!!

Camille said...

Such fun memories! on signs??!! How wonderful that you were able to travel down memory lane with your children in the very location of those memories!! Yes, these are the things to treasure. Love, Camille

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