Saturday, September 28, 2013


I am coming down off of a spiritual high that I can't even describe to you. A church invited me to come and speak in a town about three hours from here. I had the privilege to share our family's testimony to about 40 individuals. The coolest part of this is that 2/3rds of the crowd were men! My audience up to this point has been mostly women.

I freely talked about how to protect our families from pornography. The love I felt well up in me for the Body of Christ was amazing. I've never felt such a protectiveness towards other believers. My heart hurts for them. Many Believers suffer in silence for fear of judgement. I encouraged these men and women to start being real with one another.

Just some of the issues I addressed were:

1) What porn does to your brain
2) Who is viewing porn
3) Porn consumption in the church
4) Pastors and porn use
5) Porn in marriage
6) Triggers and brokenness that lead to porn use
7) Filters and blocks (how do they work and which ones are the best?)
8) Educating our children about porn, how to avoid it, and what to do when they come across it
9) What to do if you child has been caught viewing porn
10) How to move towards your child when they make mistakes
12) How to encourage instead of judge parents whose kids have really messed up.
13) How to kill worry and fear. Trusting God with your family
14) How to fight the good fight and much, much more! There are lots of resources out there now.

I truly believe in the verse that says, "He who refreshes others, will himself be refreshed." I have been refreshed! I can continue on this hard, seemingly never-ending journey knowing that I am equipping others so they do not make the same mistakes I did.

Eight people came up to me afterwards and shared their stories! God is doing something mighty here! I have such hope.

I hear this song frequently ringing in head,

"Where You go, I'll go.
 When You stay, I'll stay.
 When You move, I move.
 I will follow You"

Two precious women traveled almost 60 miles and shared with me how much their small community is being rocked by sexual sin. She has asked me to come and speak to their church, so their church body can be equipped to know how to handle this kind of devastation within their own walls, and to minister to adults and teens in their community. 

People wonder why our teens are out of control. When the adults and authority figures in their lives are leading sexually immoral lives themselves, it creates untold confusion. We have to be having deep and honest discussions with these kids or we are going to lose them. It starts with us, the adults!!!

The problem of pornography and sexual abuse is in the rise. It is an epidemic that is NOT going to go away. It is here to stay, but we have to remember that God is BIGGER than this problem. He will show Himself faithful to those who seek Him and want to be set free from sexual addiction. He died on the cross to set you free from ANY stronghold that erects itself in your life. You and your loved ones can be free! There is hope!!!

If you or you know someone who is struggling with sexual addiction, the best book I've ever read is called Surfing for God. I have a link on my sidebar for it. This book really moves from just seeking accountability, to really addressing the brokenness that causes people to seek porn. I have done hours and hours of research and read anything I could get my hands on, but this is the book that I have used with my two older boys and it has helped so much!


The Park family said...

Hey Stacy! It is so awesome to hear how the Lord is using your experiences for His purposes! I wanted to share an article I read the other day that if you find someone who still needs convincing please share with them! In the US I do not think people speak as openly about this topic out of fear and shame, however in the UK it is apparent they are also finding out how porn is affecting their kids way too young!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Being a witness to God's power flowing through you and you spoke to our community, was something I will never forget. The sheer amount of men in that sanctuary, was a miracle as usually it is like pulling teeth to get men to come to things like this. That in itself is a huge testament to the power of prayer. Thank you to EVERYONE who prayed for us. I look forward to seeing more of what God is going to do. I feel privileged to be your sidekick, sis!

Becky L. said...

Great post. So good I'd love to share a link to your blog post on my blog..just let me know if I'm allowed. Thanks for sharing what God has brought your family through. You have grown and have stepped out in faith to help other people know before they become addicted. Equipping others for God's purpose and salvation from sin. Take care and have a good weekend!

Camille said...

May the Lord continue to be your Stronghold and your Rock my friend. May He give grace and strength in the midst of this battle. Yes, He is Greater than it all! How precious it is to rest in HIM. With love, Camille

Jenn Bowers said...

Thank you Stacie for speaking out and ministering to others in this way. You know how much this means to me.

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