Monday, July 8, 2013

Rustic Vacation Part 2

 More antlers on the cabin.

 The kids are always flocking to my parent's camper. Nana has always has something yummy for them to snack on!

 This old homesteader's cabin is on the other side of the old road.

 One of the barns, you can see the low clouds on the mountains.

 An old milk can behind the cabin.

 The girls going over the "board" bridge.

 These girls never left each other's side. It was precious listening and watching them play. They are such good friends! They were constantly playing in the creek. I would just set up a chair and watch them. It was so relaxing sitting in the sun and vegging out!

 Here is the pretty little creek that had all the crawdads in it.

 There was this beautiful patch of lupin flowers across the creek. 

 The old school house won't last much longer. That front part was kind of scary when we peeked in. I loved imagining all the kids learning inside of it. I loved how the windows were strategically placed high, so the students wouldn't be able to look out. Smart! Wish I could have done that when I was homeschooling :)

Jackie and I had fun running around on the four-wheelers taking pictures of the scenery! Here she is taking another pictures. She is truly a gifted photography. Here is her blog if you are interested.

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aimee said...

What an awesome place--I've really enjoyed these last 2 posts! I LOVE historic buildings and could (and would) spend hours taking photos of them:)

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