Sunday, June 16, 2013

Twin Sisters and Our Memorial Day

 I was so blessed to be able to go visit my sister, Jackie this week. We took the kids to an Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, and just had fun hanging out. We had great prayer time and I even got a chance to attend her small Bible study. It was great getting to meet her Bible study peeps! I love getting into her world. It helps me know how to pray for her.

Jackie got Jessica started on the violin and she gave me some photography lessons. Mom and my step-dad, Larry were even able to come over the mountain for a BBQ! We ate good and played hard.

My favorite part was having the privilege to share our family's testimony to her homeschool group about how to protect your family from pornography. They were very receptive and had lots of questions. I felt God's pleasure once again as He equipped me to help parents learn how to navigate this dangerous part of our children's world. He is so faithful and good to me!
 Here is my beautiful, twin Sis!

 On Memorial Day I took the kids to go have a picnic in my favorite pioneer cemetery. This is a picture of Jessica at Clara's grave. You can click here for the story on Clara and to read her amazing epitaph.

 Clara's brother, Roscoe.

Across the road is a one-room school house I used to pass everyday going into town. I love visiting the old hollow that I grew up in. So many memories and it is beautiful our there.

Things are going very well here and we continue to heal and grow in the Lord. God has proven Himself to be faithful and true and He continues to turn our ashes into a something beautiful. My wailing and truly turned to dancing! Praise the name of Jesus!!!


Amy said...

Thank you so much for sharing.

You are such a wonderful inspiration.

God Bless.

Becky L. said...

Aw, so glad you were able to be with your sister. The Oregon Trail Interpretive center is great. We were there when our kids were in home school....years ago! So glad you are able to help others see the dangers of pornography before it starts. Glad you are feeling blessed. Hugs and havea great day!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I love the stuff you share about you and you sister....
so glad you could be together for a visit.
God is good.

aimee said...

I love this sentence of yours Stacie--"I love getting into her world. It helps me know how to pray for her." It says so very, very much!
I rejoice with you at the healing and restoration taking place in your family! Indeed pornography is NOT the innocent thing some say it is. I pray you will have continued opportunities to warn others...
Beautiful photos--especially love the ones in the pioneer cemetery:)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thank you so much for coming up and visiting! Wish you could have stayed longer. Love the way these pics turned out :)

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