Saturday, June 22, 2013

One Busy Spring!

I downloaded some of my pictures from my phone. I thought I would share a few photos from spring.
 Miss Lily learned how to swing on her own! It is so nice to not have to stand there and push her. I love watching her be a big girl!
 We have had lots of time out at the ranch lately. Here we are chucking rocks on a newly plowed hay field. I managed to get all six kids in this one!
 Josh and Marcus each got a bum calf this year. They named them Fred and Sally. They are so cute!
 I took our little friend Sonja to ride four wheelers. She did a good job keeping up with Josh! Did great for her first time.
 Here they are in the old abandoned house.
 We were having a grand time at Easter until Marcus twisted his leg while riding the four wheel and popped his ACL off. I took him the ER and we found out it was a pretty serious break.
 Here is his second splint.
 Four days later he had surgery to repair the ACL. It was a pretty big deal. He is doing well now and is in the throes of physical therapy.
 The day after Easter my Grandpa Fay  who is over 90 years old got into an accident with his team of horses and wagon. He suffered terrible injuries. A broken neck, three vertebreas in his back, six broken ribs and the worst road rash I have ever seen. Four days later he was sent home to recover. He is doing wonderful and just got out of his braces. We thought we were going to lose him, but he is a tough old bird and pulled out of it.
 Mother's Day was wonderful. I was spoiled rotten by all six kids! Josh gave me this beautiful can of flowers. He is getting so tall. He finally caught up with me and now he is officially taller than his dad.
 Lily was old enough this year to appreciate the beautiful spring flowers.
We spent Father's Day out at the ranch as well. We took a beautiful walk to the top of one of the fields. Mount Hood is behind Steve's head. I managed to get all of the kids around Steve for a quick picture.

Ahhhh, life is good. There are hard times and good times. I am learning to go with the flow and hold my plans loosely.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Twin Sisters and Our Memorial Day

 I was so blessed to be able to go visit my sister, Jackie this week. We took the kids to an Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, and just had fun hanging out. We had great prayer time and I even got a chance to attend her small Bible study. It was great getting to meet her Bible study peeps! I love getting into her world. It helps me know how to pray for her.

Jackie got Jessica started on the violin and she gave me some photography lessons. Mom and my step-dad, Larry were even able to come over the mountain for a BBQ! We ate good and played hard.

My favorite part was having the privilege to share our family's testimony to her homeschool group about how to protect your family from pornography. They were very receptive and had lots of questions. I felt God's pleasure once again as He equipped me to help parents learn how to navigate this dangerous part of our children's world. He is so faithful and good to me!
 Here is my beautiful, twin Sis!

 On Memorial Day I took the kids to go have a picnic in my favorite pioneer cemetery. This is a picture of Jessica at Clara's grave. You can click here for the story on Clara and to read her amazing epitaph.

 Clara's brother, Roscoe.

Across the road is a one-room school house I used to pass everyday going into town. I love visiting the old hollow that I grew up in. So many memories and it is beautiful our there.

Things are going very well here and we continue to heal and grow in the Lord. God has proven Himself to be faithful and true and He continues to turn our ashes into a something beautiful. My wailing and truly turned to dancing! Praise the name of Jesus!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

My Veggies and Fruit and Update

I promised you photos of the rest of my gardening efforts.
 I took some Yukon Gold potatoes that were sprouting and tried planting them. I have never done that before and was so surprised to see some nice healthy looking plants pop up!
 I got a late start on my garden. but there are peas, cucumbers, spinach, two different types of lettuce, tomatoes, beans, and onions planted this year.
 Pumpkins I found sprouting in the compost pile. I thinned them out a bit, but I decided to just let them grow!
 I think we are going to have a bumper crop for our raspberries this year. I love these thorn-less raspberry bushes. This will keep the kids and I busy for a full month in June. I let them pick them and sell them. It is a great way for them to earn a little money and to practice their entrepreneur skills. It also saves Mama's back. Picking raspberries is back-breaking work.
 Here is half of my herb garden. I have variegated sage, chives, rosemary, thyme and oregano. I cook with them all the time. I love being able to have a kid go grab some fresh herbs for our roasted veggies or chicken.

Even though we aren't moving quite yet, we are happy and contented where we are. I love being on the edge of the city and having 2/3rds of an acre to play on. I love my view and I love the layout of my house. I will enjoy every minute we have here. We are trusting God to move us if and when He wants us to move.

Life has been good. I am soooooo looking forward to having the kids home from school for the summer. Lily and I misses them so much when they are gone all day. I can't wait to do all the things I've been longing to do with them such as reading out loud, letting them sleep in, playing games, scrapbooking and making cards, gardening and going on some cheap adventures! I have never appreciated a summer more! I am also going to join a reading program and get a membership to the pool so they can still maintain connections with all the friends they made at school. But more than anything I long for is some downtime with my children. I want to enjoy them and treasure them. I want to be kind and gentle and loving. I am trying to cultivate these things in my heart so I can teach them to much children.

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