Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tour of My Flower Garden-Spring, 2013

I am so thankful that God didn't move us quite yet. I absolutely love spring around here! The beauty of my flower garden astounds me. After seven years of planting and trying to take dominion over the weeds, I am seeing the fruits of my labor. I thought I would share some pictures with you.
 Here is my lovely trellis house. I love the clematis this year! The white blooms are huge. I actually have four different varieties that bloom throughout the spring and summer.

 One of my favorite spots. I love to have coffee out here in the morning and read my Bible. It is a great place to watch the kiddos play, too.

 I had my hubby rip out some yucky, poky bushes that I hated for years. I am starting to fill in the bare spots. I love having flowers and a variety of different textured plants in here.

 This bed is filling out nicely, too. My antique wheelbarrow is used for some pretty annuals.

 Another section of the front bed.

 This is my useful bed. At the back of the house, I have my herb garden. Sage, thyme, oregano, chives and rosemary are at my disposal all year round for my cooking pleasure!

 My climbing roses are absolutely beautiful this year! We have been picking them and putting them in vases. Last year we didn't have enough, but boy do we this year!

 Here is a closer look at my sage, chives and rosemary.

 The back of the house is way more shady, so hostas seem to love it here. They are still growing.

 Here is my other antique wheelbarrow.

 In the back yard, these purple irises steal the show.
 I can't remember the full name of these red flowers, "________ Beard". I love them, but they do spread quickly. It is great if you have a lot of space you need to fill up.

 Salvia and candy tuft on the front wall.

 The red flowers are filling out the beds on my front wall.

So there you have it. Next post, I will show you my vegetables and berries I am growing.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh wow! Great pics, Stacie! I thought your garden couldn't get any prettier, but this year, it is really amazing. Breathtaking! Looks like a professional garden.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful gardens, Stacie! I especially like the two antique wheelbarrow shots! : D - Jocelyn xo

aimee said...

I am glad you are enjoying the reward of all your gardening Stacie! I LOVE your white clematis:)

Wanting What I Have said...


Rachel and Family said...

Did you paint your deck red?? I bet that was a lot of work. It looks great! Especially with the little bistro set.
As always... a stunning yard. I love the trelis house.

Ma said...

Very pretty Stacie:) I love your coffee-drinking spot, it looks perfect.

RaD said...

Oh it does all look very nice! I don't have a way with plants so they mostly end up dead on me. I feel bad because my daughter wants to plant things, but then she doesn't want to take the time to take care of them and I don't know what I doing anyway. Aw well, someday maybe.

Jenn said...

Stacie, You are a talented gardener! Such beautiful gardens at your house!

Camille said...

You definitely have a *green* thumb my friend! SO incredibly beautiful! I'm good at growing tropical plants indoors...they like drying right out. :)

Love to you!

Lizzy said...

Love it! I can't wait to get into our house so that I can start my own garden project. Can't wait to see pics of your berry bushes!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Gah! This is a beautiful garden!

Anonymous said...

Hello Stacie,

Very nice garden! I think the red plants are beard tongue (penstemon) and yes they are pretty aggressive. You can keep up with them by just pulling the little ones.


Raymond Quinn said...

Your home looks absolutely amazing my wife and kids agree, you are very blessed to have such a beautiful home to call your own, you also have a great skill and your garden reflects that. We have a home of our own but it is no where near as beautiful, thank you for sharing your passion with us, thank you.

Raymond Quinn @ River Oaks Plant House

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