Monday, May 6, 2013

There is a Season for Every Time...Part 3

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10. Time is COMING because Jesus is COMING!  She encouraged us to do the right thing, the righteous thing. She told us that while we are waiting for Jesus we have some things we could be doing.

-We need to mentor young girls. They need it desperately!

-If you have the gift of teaching (you have a passion to study and and you can't keep it to yourself, chances are you are a gifted teacher that needs to start equipping herself so that you can use the gift that God has given you.)

-We need to get women in our homes. Do Bible studies. Teach them how to respect their husbands and to love and disciple their children.

-Earnestly seek the gifts God has given us. Is it encouragement? Discernment? Faith? Prophecy? Do we not understand what they are? We need to ask God to reveal them to us and to fill us up so that His Holy Spirit will manifest himself within us.

-Be a disciples of Jesus. Well-discipled people turn the world upside down! Just look at Jesus' disciples and the effects they had on the world through the centuries.

11. Ask God to "teach us to number our days". Let's make these days a good thing! Beth instructed us to write out what our headstone would look like.

April _________- _________

Circle the dash in the middle of the dates (I didn't want to put too much personal info up)

She made the point that our life is but a dash.

Do we want it to be an angry dash? (holding on to unforgiveness)

 A sad dash? (torn up but never healed)

A bad dash? (A life ridden with unrepentant sin)

Or a glad dash? (My God has been faithful to me. He has redeemed my life from the slimy pit!)

12. When the "time" comes, all "time" will go. When Jesus comes it will be forever more!!! Time will never be an issue again. Praise the Lord!

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This gives me a lot to think about. I definitely want my dash to be "love". I think that is a good goal! I'm glad you learned so much. Hope I get to go to the next Beth Moore conference with you!

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