Monday, May 13, 2013

Eliminating Stress=Eliminating Anger

(Miss Lily, in her office wear)
Dearest Mothers,

The Lord has been working with me lately on eliminating stress from my life. He has shown me that when I am stressed, I get angry. I am asking God to kill this anger that seems to manifest itself all the time.

The main way I can eliminate stress is to not be in a hurry. Simply slowing down is crucial to reducing stress. How can I be an effective Christian if I am in a hurry? Godliness takes time. Sanctification takes time. Hurrying, makes me overlook and become overwhelmed.

These are some practical ways I am going to try to slow down this week.

1) I will not go past the speed limit! I even asked my kids to hold me accountable on this one. Even though I don't speed all the time, I generally allow myself to go 5 miles over because I don't think I would get a ticket at that speed. The fact is, I need to slow down!!!

2) I will get the kids ready and leave earlier than usual. Giving myself more time is a great way to prevent howling because we are on a time-crunch. Blocked goals are a huge stressor which causes me to erupt in anger.

3) Stop multi-tasking! What? How can this be??? I'm the queen at multi-tasking. I have a more Christian term for it though. I'm "being efficient". Hmmmm.... Am I really being efficient? I don't think so. I'm purposely putting my body into "fight or flight" mode. I'm hurrying and getting less done. My goal is to sit down while I am on the phone, instead of cooking, emailing, gardening or whatever. When I am returning emails or texts, I need to not be trying to listen to my child's day at the same time. Fully give my attention to the situation, problem, crisis, task or child at hand. What a concept!!!! LOL!

I could go on and on, but I feel like I have my work cut out for me just by working out three of these bad habits.

If any of you want to share how you could eliminate hurry and stress from you life, I would love to hear your comments.



Lizzy said...

I literally had this conversation with myself and God this week. One of the things I am doing is deleting my Facebook. It's so hard but I've realized that I spend too much of my time on there. I want to cherish each day and seek to find God in everything. It is SO hard to let go though because I like control. I'll be praying for you dear friend!

Ma said...

Slowing down is a great way to keep stress away. I find that when I am more present in all things, everything is much better.

Grandma Becky said...

I find myself thinking of past goals I've not kept in mind....such as being in bed by 11 p.m. Time myself on the computer....only allowed so much time, especially evenings. When I get home from work, I want to set down and relax after dinner. I wind up spending most of it on the computer then don't get a few things done that need to be. These all amount to a level of stress in my life. I continually need to keep myself accountable to what I told myself to do! Sigh!

Anonymous said...

Great post! I no longer multi-task if possible. At one time it was the buzzword for what we as women should be doing. For me it just does not work! I can only do one thing well at one time. For example Mondays are laundry days. That's all I do besides the meals. Tuesdays groceries and cleaning out the fridge. Wednesday coupons and cleaning. Sometimes on Fridays I even have a few hours devoted to "beauty time." Heaven knows I can use it and include the little ones by doing nails and facials. Now it is not extremely relaxing but still feels nice and something to look forward too. You the idea.

I am learning to let go in this season of rearing children and cover the basics such as meals, clean clothes, baths, hugs etc. When I start to add more to my daily schedule I feel overwhelmed and become anxious feeling like I am behind. I may get more done but I am content if I get the major chore for that day done. I let toys on the floor some nights and dishes in the sink. but they get done and the house stays generally tidy. Another cringe worthy thing I do is sometimes let TV babysit for a little bit while. I get sometime to just think a complete thought. Usually a learning show. I can't be the entertainment all the time;)

I used to be a type A perfectionist so it has taken some time to let go but it feels sooo good. I try not to compare myself to other mothers because I feel like fall short and God created me to be, well, me:)The reason I am encouraged by your blog is because you are real. You don't paint a picture perfect family and that honesty is a blessing:)Be kind to youself you are a great mother!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thank you for your encouragement! You have blessed me today. I love what you said about comparing ourselves. I am finally at a point where God has rooted that out in me. I am me. My family is unique and different and we have our own story.

Camille said...

It's true...when we are in a rush and try to squeeze too many things in, we get stressed...not good! Thank you for your sweet encouragement my friend. Hugs to you! Camille

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Number 2 and 3 are what I need to work on. Great post! I'm really going to try to work on this.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

BTW, it is so good to Lily in that dress. It was one of my faves on Hailey :)

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