Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Day at a Time

"To find Joy in this day, you must live within its boundaries. I knew what I was doing when I divided time into twenty-four-hour segments. I understand human frailty, and I know that you can bear the weight of only one day at a time. Do not worry about tomorrow or get stuck in the past. There is abundant Life in My Presence today." -Jesus Calling

I took a breather last weekend and met my twin Sis, Jackie at my mom's house. It was great to be able to spend our birthday weekend together. We shopped at thrift stores and found some great deals and watched Season 3 of "Downtown Abbey". It was so much fun!

The week before was a hard week. My son, Marcus, tore his ACL and popped a chunk of bone off with it. It happened on Easter. The next day, my Grandpa Fay, who is 91 years old, had an accident with his wagon and team of horses. He broke his neck, two bones in his back and six ribs. He tore a good chunk of his cheek off too. It was a miracle that he survived! He is up and walking around and back home in less than a week. Unbelievable! I haven't lost my granddaddy yet.

Marcus ended up having surgery last Thursday. It is a six month healing process. He is flat on his back with his leg up in a full leg brace. We have lots of physical therapy ahead of us. Not good news to someone who is already swamped with appointments.

I am learning some valuable lessons. Hold your plans loosely. Live one day at a time. I am also learning that I cannot control my circumstances in any way shape or form. I can't control people either. My husband or my children are responsible for their choices. How freeing! My job is to nurture, teach, love them and guide them. I am learning to not panic and get into flight or fight mode. I am learning to go with the flow more.

How do I do it? I am learning to enjoy the quiet moments of life. In between running kids here and there and everywhere, feeding my small army and going to appointment after appointment, I am learning to recognize a quiet moment when I see one. Turn off the radio. Breathe! Listen to His voice. Pray a problem through. I am taking a short walk when I can. I am enjoying His creation. My walks are in between two orchards that are in full bloom with blossoms from cherry trees! I pause and see the new bulbs that popped up in my flower garden.

I think of where I was a year ago. Living in frightening uncertainty surviving day to day with a torn and worn heart that I thought would never heal. Yet, I raised My Ebenezer Stone and cried out "Thus Far the Lord Has Helped me!"

Live one day at a time...
It's all I'm asked to do.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so glad we had a chance to just rest in each other's company last weekend. I love you so much. I learn from you every day! Maybe because you're 5 minutes older, you seem to always learn lessons first, LOL. Well, they aren't going to waste because your little sis is watching and learning and trying not to make the same mistakes and trying to do the things you do right. I love you, my dear sweet Sis!

Grandma Becky said...

Stacie, sorry to hear of the mishaps, but glad you still have them alive. Will be praying for their healing. Happy that you got to be with Jackie for your birthday. My sis and I wind up going to thrift stores as well, never know what you'll find. As for life happenings, sometimes it happens as I was sick and a, behind, listened to God and talked out my frustations as well. He spurred me on. We live and learn through out our lives. Hugs to all and daily blessings from the Lord.

Ma said...

Poor Marcus!

One day, one hour, one moment at a time.

Camille said...

Hang in there my friend. Yes, just. this. day. is all we must deal with. And...HE promises never to leave us in it!!

Love to you!

aimee said...

Thank you again for sharing what is on your heart! This is a lesson I am struggling with too.
It's SO funny that your quote is from the very same devotional book my sibling just bought for me. Perhaps Christ is calling me to begin reading it instead of just thinking about doing so:)
Sorry to hear about your son and grandpa...prayers for both of them.
PS: Happy(belated)Birthday!

Rachel and Family said...

Oh, Stacie, I am so sorry to hear!! Please send Marcus our love and prayers. You are such a trooper and I believe that God's grace will fill your more and more as is already evident in the wisdom He is giving you.

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