Sunday, February 24, 2013


 My in-laws blessed us with a vacation at the beach this last week. The beginning was a little scary though. We were about 25 miles into our trip when all of a sudden a terrible noise came from the back wheel. I looked in the mirror (as I was passing a semi-truck on a corner) and saw rubber flying off the back tire. I was so grateful it it didn't pop and I was able to to get it to the side of the road. We were within cell service and called the tire company. Two hours later and $469 poorer (had to replace both back tires), we started down the road again.
 When we arrived, I was astounded at the beauty of the beach house. I have never stayed in such a fancy place. We were really blessed. It was had very warm colors which was wonderful because outside was a severe storm.
 We were able to run to the beach twice when the rain stopped. Here is Jess on a piece of driftwood.

 The house was nestled against a wildlife refuge/wetland. The only thing that ventured out were a pair of mallard ducks. They were so brave! I wouldn't have wanted to get pelted with all that rain and wind! Here is Jacob on the back deck.
 Steve walking along the beach. There was a bit of sunshine this time!
 My in-laws took me to the beach in their car so that I could get a picture of the rough surf during the storm. It reminds you just how powerful water and wind are when they are combined. 
 Jacob, Lily and Jessica are my crazy kids! They stripped off their shoes and ran into that freezing cold water! We don't get to the beach much, so they didn't want to miss the opportunity to dip their feet in.

 Steve is the shoe carrier!
Even though it was stormy, we were still able to have a wonderful time. There is beauty in the storm. We hunker down and get into our shelter. I am reminded of this past year and thankful that Jesus was my shelter in the storm of life. I ran to shelter, I fled to Him, I praised Him and He gave me refuge and rest. The rains came down and the floods came up but our house still stood because we had planted ourselves on the Rock. Thank you Jesus for being our high place.


RaD said...

Yay! Glad you got to go. It looks like so much fun even with the storm. I nice book snuggled in a blanket is my favorite thing to do on days like that.

And my kids would have been that crazy too! We recently were looking for a house to get something off of craigslist and stumbled upon a walking trail with a creek. My children chose to take off their shoes and run through the creek even though it was January and about 40 degrees outside.

Grandma Becky said...

Glad you were able to make it to the coast even though your tire shredded. But good that you didn't have anything more major than that. I love the coast. Am waiting to see some down in Nicaragua in April. It will be warmer. So glad your family had a good time. Yes Jesus is our shelter and anchor in the time of storm. Hugs! Have a great week my friend.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That place is gorgeous! So glad you guys had plenty of room in that house since you were stuck inside a lot due to the weather. It is lovely seeing pictures of the kids. Miss you so much, Sis

Camille said...

What a blessing that you were able to have that time away! Yes, storms do remind us of our Great God and HIS power! HE commands the winds and the waves...we are safe in HIM!! How precious the thought!

Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful your family was blessed with such a gift. I'm also thankful for your kind in-laws, they were very thoughtful. Loved the pics and to see such a nice family time.

Jenn said...

How wonderful that you were able to get away! Love all the pictures of your family enjoying the beach!

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