Monday, August 27, 2012

Moving Past our Devastation With God (Part 3)

This is Part Three of a Series on "Moving Past Our Devastation with God". If you wish to view Part One and Part Two click on the links.

"A healthy fear of God draws us toward Him. An unhealthy fear of God draws us away from Him. A healthy fear of God bows to His holiness and obeys His precepts but all the while is compelled like a magnet to the source of its fascination. It seeks Him like hidden treasure...To know the unknowable till faith turns to sight." -Beth Moore. After our devastation, I started to be afraid of God. I thought does He really care? Does He really see my tears and are they really recorded on a scroll? (Psalm 56). Was I being punished? Did I commit some unknown sin? Even though I wanted to shrink back, I still felt compelled to run to Him, to read the Psalms and to remind myself of His promises. I would come to a promise that seemed to make no sense in my situation and I would cry out to Him and He would tenderly answer me sometimes within minutes, other times within days.

"We're scared to live fully surrendered to God because we're afraid it will kill us. If only we understood that any part of us crucified in doing His will, becomes a hotbed of resurrection power. Where we die to self, the Spirit of Christ is raised in us...Two results of David's fear of God (2 Samuel 6:9-12) might suggest it had temporarily taken an unhealthy turn. He became unwilling (v. 10), and distant (v. 11). " I had tried to live a life of consistent obedience for over 13 years. I wanted to distance myself from God, but I couldn't. He was my best friend. He is the one I ran too when I had a problem. Even as hurt as I was and as unprotected that I felt, I knew I still needed to obey Him. I knew there were blessings to be found in forgiving a betrayal,  blessings in loving the unlovable, and blessings for praising Him and proclaiming His goodness even when I didn't get my way our situation.

"Likewise, when you and I grow unwilling and distant after devastation, even in subtle ways no one else would recognize, our healthy fear of the Lord has momentarily taken an unhealthy turn. God alone knows the number of people in full time ministry-pastors, missionaries, worship leaders, and counselors-who have suffered terrible trauma they never worked through with God. They may have remained in their vocations (after all, they often had no other training), but they withdrew their hearts from God and purposed simply to do their jobs." Let this not be said of us!

"With the news of God's favor and blessing on his neighbors and a brief passage of time to regroup, David became willing again and most anxious to have the ark-and God's most manifest presence-as close as possible. You know He is life to you and that a sense of His presence is the height of all human experience. " It is time to regroup. It is time to be willing to keep going with God. Fight the depression and fear that threaten your confidence in your Savior. Seek Him and find Him through His Word and prayer. Find a few prayer partners that can hold you up when you are weak. Do not gravitate towards people who let you stay in your devastation, but people who will remind you of the faithfulness of the Father.

May God bless you!


Catherine said...

You have it figured out, Stacie! I pray I am someone who moves you toward God because I love you!

Ellen said...

I have been praying for you Stacie. The Lord is indeed blessing you with strength and peace as you move on, leaning on Him.

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