Monday, May 7, 2012

A Strange, New Ministry

God is doing something new in my life. At first I was scared, but now I'm starting to get excited.

When I was pregnant with my first daughter 9 years ago, I was with a group of ladies at a good bye party for a dear friend. We started praying and a woman I had never met before asked me if she could pray for me. She felt like God had given her a word for me and asked if I wanted to hear it. Are you insane! Of course, I want to hear it!  This lady prophesied five different things over me. Some were almost immediately fulfilled, while others were to be fulfilled in the future. The one that stuck out the most for me was "You are being trained for something". Hmmmm, I have always thought that my ministry would be to wives and mothers. To encourage them in the Lord. I have written over a hundred devotions, been published in newsletters and small magazines, and I have this blog. I thought I had my ministry. Now I know that for nine 9 years, God has been training me for such a time as this. I never in my life dreamed I would be going through a trial like this. I never thought that pornography would tear our family apart. I never knew I would be a parent warning others about this destructive addiction.

One night about a month ago, I was half dreaming and half awake when this sermon started forming in my mind. It went on and on and on. After I really woke up, I realized that God had given me a vision for my future. He confirmed during my prayer time that I will be speaking publicly about our family's testimony. At this time, I was still so scared, ashamed and wanting to protect my children from embarrassment that I didn't want to share our story. I know God wants us to be honest about where we are and what has happened to us. He can't be glorified if we keep it all a secret and more importantly, Satan uses secrets against us.

There is a relief and peace that comes in knowing that I can now say (carefully) what has happened to us. There is hope in knowing that God can use our family's testimony to warn parents so that they will not have to experience the pain we have gone through.

When I realized what God was asking me, I started to panic. I asked all kinds of questions to God. I was wondering how I was going to raise a family, be a good wife and mother to my other five children and yet have a public ministry. God has asked me if I will trust Him with this. I told Him I would tell this one on one, to MOPS groups, to homeschool groups, or even to Dobson if that is what He asked me to do. Where He leads I will follow. I do know one thing, a ministry has been born.

Almost everyday, I have the privilege of God putting someone in my path whose lives have been affected by pornography. Others ask me all the time, "How can I protect my children?".  My favorites are your stories that either tell me in person or email me privately. I am amazed at how widespread this problem is. Some of you have been hiding it for years and years. The shame that is involved in these secret is unparalled. If we don't start talking openly about this stuff, then it will continue. More importantly, people will not heal.

I also have a real heart for homeschoolers in this area. I think we need to be careful about thinking our kids are in a bubble and that they are untouchable when it comes to this. It just ain't so.

Will you kneel and pray for me? I know the enemy does not want this message to get out. I know that I will no doubt come up against some intense spiritual warfare. "Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in this world."

I am grateful that my son is not trying to hide what he did. He is begging me to warn anyone who has ears to hear. This will be our legacy, our ministry. It was nothing that I ever wanted or could have predicted, but I know that God has put me on earth to fulfill His purposes. Am I willing? You bet! Will it be easy? No way! Nothing worthwhile ever is.


Jenn said...

I know that what you have shared here has opened my eyes and made me be more aware! All I can say is thank you and I will most definitely be praying. God who is Jehovah Nissi will go before you. He will be your banner and your strength!

Wanting What I Have said...

Praying for you right now. I'm so thankful and excited to see how God uses you and glorifies Himself through this. It IS something that needs to be talked about. Because it IS happening everywhere and people are scared to talk. Thank you. Praying for you.

OurLilFullFam said...

I will be praying for you! What a wonderful thing you are doing, bringing it to light. We are not in a bubble!


Nadine said...

Keeping you in my prayers Stacie!


Kristin Bridgman said...

Isn't that just like God to take a heartache and turn it around for good, to help others, to bring Him glory and bless us?! He did the same with me. Having a prodigal in the beginning, I felt embarrased, ashamed, and yet God told me to go tell. I did and it has led to a ministry of praying with 35 other families with prodigals. Then he led me to blogland and out into the homeless community. I have now been in the newspaper 4 times, interviewed on Christian Radio, and have spoken to a womens group at church. If you knew how shy I grew up, you would understand what a miracle this is. And He has blessed me beyond belief because of my obedience. I share this to just say, He will bless YOU beyond belief as well as others. You have an important message to share and I'm so proud of you for going through with it. You're kicking the devil to the road and I say, HURRAH! : )
I'll be praying for you!

a little of me said...

im hosting a bloghop on tuesday's your welcome feel free to share and blessed others with your devotional craft and old memory cooking recipe..anything you want others to read....thanks if you do...loves soraya

candy said...

Stacie I am so proud of your willing heart.dennis and I are so blessed by your family in so many ways.All of them. Please know that we are available to help in any way.It is a blessing to us to watch your children we always leave your home new people.Blessed people.Know that we will be praying.Love you all.Please let the children know that they bless us in so many ways.

Grandma Becky said...

It's amazing what God chooses us to do. Not an easy task, Stacie, but God is there, helping you reach others in this life to better it for a life much better after this earth...everlasting life with Him! Continued prayers for you and your ministry and family.

Connie said...

God will continue to enable you. These will be good times for you. God continues to turn your sorrow into joy.

Ma said...

I think this is a wonderful ministry and very needed.

I will be praying for you.

Camille said...

The LORD will give you wisdom as you look to Him for it my friend. (James 1:5) What a blessing it is to belong to HIM!

Love to you!

Anonymous said...

Stacie, I read your blog for well over a year now and this is the first time I am going to comment. I usually like to keep to myself but just had to leave you a comment today. First I am so sorry for your pain, I cannot imagine what you have been through and pray for you and your family.

I just wanted you to know that you are an inpiration to me just in the WAY you have handled this circumstance. What grace, what honesty! You are taking such ugliness and turning into hope. Your faith speaks and ministers in itself. May God bless you tenfold dear Lady as you tackle issues most would crumble under. Your children are blessed to have such a lovely, gentle and fearless mother. Happy Mother's Day.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thank you everyone for your sweet encouragement. It is the Balm of Gilead to my soul.

Thank you Anoynmous for sharing that with me. It means so much to me that you let me know you are there.

Blessings, everyone! I LOVE YOU!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm still amazed at how God gave me the same thoughts about your ministry going public at the same time He gave them to you. Total confirmation! I can't wait see how God uses this situation, how lives and hearts will be saved! You know I'm here for you throughout this process through prayers and whatever else. I'm so proud of you. So excited to see how the Lord is going to use you and your family. Love you to pieces, Sis!

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