Friday, March 9, 2012

The Parable of the Popcorn-Reposted

I wrote this devotion last year. Little did I know I would be tested in this way. I continue to trust Him, even when what He is doing seems to make no sense.
Dear Mothers,

A few days ago, I had to take my 23 month-old to the emergency room. She had shoved a popcorn kernel way up into her nostril and there was no way I was going to be able to get it out.

After watching her go through the trauma of having it removed, I felt God giving me a word picture about her ordeal.

In order to get Lily to stop fighting the, they wrapped her arms and upper body tightly in a sheet. As she was bound and helpless, she was looking into my eyes, wanting me to free her. It broke my heart to not be able to do anything but stroke her feet and pray for her. I was just hoping my presence would be enough. Through tears I repeated over and over that I loved her and that it would be O.K, but knowing that I couldn’t remove the pain of the process in which the kernel had to come out.

Later I thought about when I am in my own trials. The trial is like a sheet wrapped so tightly around me, I sometimes feel like I can’t even breathe. In my own short-sightedness, I look to my Heavenly Father with pleading eyes saying, “God make this stop! I’m scared. It hurts. Will it end soon?” Sometimes I am hurt and confused when He doesn’t take away the pain right away. I usually do not even realize it at the time that He is allowing something or someone to be “plucked” out of my life, which might be hindering my relationship with God. This foreign object could be as simple as unforgiveness and as complicated as pride.

I think we sometimes envision God sort of sitting idly in the” waiting room” of Heaven instead knowing His Holy Presence with me, stroking my brow and saying, “It will be over soon. Trust me, I will use this, my child.” He loves us so much. It must cost the perfect Father dearly to see His children suffer so.

Has God allowed a trial in your life that has left you questioning His goodness? His sovereignty? His mercy?

Sometimes we are being disciplined through our trials and other times we are being cut back and pruned so that we can bear even greater fruit. Whichever it might be, they both can be extremely painful.

I do know that when you seek Him with all of your heart, you will find Him. He hasn’t left. He is there touching you, and soothing you. The Spirit is praying for you with “groanings that words cannot express.”

“Cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you.”

His Presence is with Us!

From One Mom to Another,


Homestead Living said...

Oh Stacie, I have been praying for you and your family. I don't know what is going on, but I know it is causing you much sorrow and reliance on an unmovable God. Please know that you are being held up to the only one who can heal our souls.

Mich said...

As a mom who had her two year old wrapped at the ER, this hit home.


OurLilFullFam said...


Still praying for you here sweetie!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This story does hit home in a fresh new way. I love you, we're hanging in there with you. Thank you for being strong when I'm weak. I pray I will be the same for you.

MommaMindy said...

This is SO beautiful!

Today I was struggling in His grasp, just like your dear little daughter. But, I know a lot of groanings are interceding for our families.

Praying for you, dear sister!

Camille said...

Yes, indeed my friend...trials are painful. But, the LORD never leaves us. HE is in complete and Sovereign control. Rest in HIM. Trust HIM. I will be especially praying for you today.

Much Love,
(Psalm 46)

Kristin Bridgman said...

Dear Stacie,
I don't know what your storm is, but I do know that your Heavenly Father is with you and I'm praying you continually feel His presence and comfort. I am praying for you and your family.

Ma said...

When I was little (about two or three) I put a popcorn seed in my ear trying to pretend I had earrings. My mom said the punishment I went through getting it removed was more than enough.

I do hope you have brighter days ahead.

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