Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ice Storm and My Musings

I haven't seen ice like this since '96, the year after hubby and I got married. Wow! I am so thankful that Canon gave me a new camera and I was able to take pictures of it. Was finding it really hard to blog without my camera.

The handles of my wheel barrel planter.
LOL! Look at the poor trampoline. I can't believe my baling twine fix has held this thing together! The whole bottom of it looks like it is about to split in two. Ice is heavy!

With sadness I saw that my beautiful cherry tree on the wall had the largest top branch broken off. Hoping I can figure out how to shape it so it will look good come spring.

There's the break. No wonder, look at all that ice!
Jessica loved breaking off the ice and eating it.
 When it started melting, I told the kids to keep out from under the trees. It is like shards of glass when those icicles dropping off.
 Josh in his shorts. Yes, he is crazy! I really do think he has something against pants. Here he is feeding the goats.
It was so thick, even I could stand on top of the snow crusted with ice!

The poor van has been crusted over with ice for days. Our driveway is such a mess, we could barely get the old Suburban out. We ended up parking it in the middle, halfway up the driveway so no one could get down and get stuck, and so we could get out. As you can imagine, Steve has been on a bunch of overtime with all the wrecks and power lines being down. The older people keep falling and breaking hips. I wish people would just stay indoors. It isn't worth it!

I was scheduled for oral surgery on Friday, but that got rescheduled because of the ice. This left us with getting four days of homeschooling done, which felt good because all the public school kids were out four out of the five days this week, due to MLK Day and snow days.

The boy's Christian sports program, A.C.T.S. was cancelled today. Jessica's last basketball game and sadly her pizza party were cancelled as well. They are all a little bummed, but I am enjoying NOT running kids around. This has left me time to catch up on my blogging, make some yummy meals, and to mend my husband's grandmothers quilt.

We saw "Courageous" yesterday. WELL DONE!!! I would recommend it to anyone! It covered a gamut of themes and had some very good points.

Our reading time is interesting. I only have two children that are wanting to hear the story. Not sure what I'm supposed to do about that? Should I force the other ones to stay and hear, or let them go play? Just curious as to what others do.


RaD said...

I hope your poor trampoline survives all that ice! I know that ours took a beating in the weather last year and ended up tearing and we're not in snow and ice.

Sorry to hear about your tooth. Ugh! I wouldn't want to have to wait to get it taken care of. Thanks for your prayers for our girl!

About the reading time... if you are using it for schooling then I suggest they all have to sit and listen. Listening comprehension skills are important too. When I was in school, many years our teacher would read to us after lunch. It was a good time to relax and unwind after lunch but now I do recognize it as a time of learning to be quiet and still and just listen. I know I'm not a homeschooling mom but I have been trying to get myself to sit and read to the kids more often too for two reasons. One it's great time spent with them and we can get some great discussions with it. And two I believe that it helps develop their listening comprehension skills.

You could also try having the older boys read from time to time to practice their out loud reading skills. We have to do that as homework each night but I see how important it is in each child's fluency and confidence when it comes to reading. Just a thought... :)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love the pic of the wheel barrow handles. Very artistic!

I'm so glad you guys are safe and sound through that storm. Great idea about parking the Suburban half way up the driveway.

Love you, Sis!

Camille said...

Yippee for getting so much done when you've been house bound! That DOES feel good! It's supposed to be warming up soon...that will be good. :) We didn't get the ice up can be so damaging...I'm sorry about your cherry tree. :(

Love to you!

Grandma Becky said...

Wow, lots of ice. Thanks for sharing all the photos. We had rain here and I just posted about some flooding in the area, not right by us, thankfully. It's amazing what happens when it rains alot in 48 hours. Be safe and glad you got a camera that works again! I'd be lost without mine!

Rachel and Family said...

Those are great pictures. What a storm! It must be kind of cozy to be barricaded in.

Entice them to read with you ;) (chew gum while your reading, etc) When there is no school (weekends, summer) I read during lunch, they all have to sit at the table to eat, so there's no getting away. Mwah-ha-ha-ha...

Get your kids to take some pics of you. We want to see you too :)


Ma said...

Ice storms are so beautiful.

Nadine said...

Wow...that is a lot of ice! We just got snow up here at our house, it is slowly melting.

Have a great week!

~Nadine said...

I love your pictures!!! I haven't lived in a cold-weathered climate in 20 years, since we lived in Germany. Texas is HOT. Yesterday we were one degree away from setting a record for warm's been in the high 70's every day. I believe it was near 80 yesterday...very warm. We even painted the exterior of the house! Oh well, it's coming to an end today with a cold front, but we sure won't get anything like what you've got!!!

And, I think home-schooling would be such a fun challenge. I could see so many lessons outside in that snow for chemistry...change in mass, weather systems, etc. I'm a dork.

:-) Lana

Catherine said...

It depends on what book it is, Stacie; I can't recall what you are reading. They DO need to be engaged in the story or it will be torture, and we don't want that. It should be pleasant! The ice is beautiful, and I DO remember the ice storm of '96. When I could finally get off my porch to come to town I bought a car that would go in that kind of weather and found my church too. The car salesman was instrumental in that!!!

ღ soraya ღ said...

hi friend stacie i chose you as one of my 5 top picks award on my blog...continue encouraging all of us and posting such inspired post..i love it.! God bless you loves soraya

Amber said...

Hi Stacie!

Wow, nice pictures! It's been a really warm winter here in SC. I haven't even purchased winter coats for the kids...that kind of warm.

If you need reading suggestions - I'm your girl! I teach multiple reading level everyday. I can suggest different "picture" chapter books that have complex ideas and vocab for your upper elem/middle schoolers but enough vibrant pictures to keep your younger children engaged. Inbox me and I'll send you a list with suggested lesson plans if you want.

Any suggestions for a soon to be large family - lol? Just found out I'm expecting number 3 for sure and possibly number 4. (They couldn't give me a for sure on twins at my 6 week exam - next week they will confirm/deny) I feel somehow unprepared since, I, myself am an only child!

Val - Firefighter Wife said...

The ice storm caused so much damage up in here in WA. My beautiful, big plum tree that we brought back from the dead 13 years ago was un-salvageable. There was only one lower branch that wasn't broken. It's right by the front door and breaks my heart we won't see her blossom this spring. We're talking about putting in a palm tree instead lol

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

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