Saturday, January 14, 2012


How can I thank the Lord? How can I tell Him how grateful I am for so many things in my life? I have to start somewhere...

1) Grateful that homeschooling is going so well. We have been consistent and the children are moving forward in their studies. I am seeing some improvement in their writing, spelling and reading. Math even seems like it is moving right along.

2) Grateful that I get to homeschool my kids.  I live in a state with very few rules about it. I don't have to come up with portfolios, syllabuses, attendance, attach myself to a charter school or come up with official lesson plans. I don't even have to test every year! What a blessing. It makes it easier to relax and to teach my children at a pace that they seem comfortable in.

3) Grateful for positive changes in my marriage. Steve and I are working together towards a common goal of raising these children in the admonition of the Lord. We are having regular family devotion times and the kids are learning lessons from both of us as we both do the teaching.

4) Grateful for the "Help Me Be Good" book series by Joy Berry. I bought all 27 books for the younger children for Christmas. I find them everywhere! I think they like these books because they can relate to the struggle that other children experience in trying to behave. It isn't necessarily Christian literature, but the principles in the book are very much indeed what Jesus preaches. I, of course, interject "How would Jesus handle that?" and stuff like that. I read about four a day. They bring them to me all the time and I have seen many positive changes in their behavior. It is nice to be able to refer back to a particular book if I am seeing some attitudes that need to change.

5) Grateful that my body seems to be mending and my health, in general, is good. My hubby bought me an exercise machine and I can't wait to use it. I am a fair-weather exerciser, so it will be good to get on that thing and work my stress out as I listen to some good worship songs with lots of Scripture.

6) Grateful that the two older boys came back from Junior High Camp with wonderful stories about new friendships and lots of attitude changes. I think the sessions must have been powerful! God is good and continues to reveal Himself to my children. My Marcus, was having a hard time the other day with friendships and he knew where to go when he was hurting. He read straight through the book of James and told me about it afterwards. It was so encouraging to know that he ran to God before he even ran to me! Praise the Lord!!!

7) Grateful for family and friends who love and support our family. It is comforting knowing that almost all of our extended family are Christians. I know many do not have that kind of support. I don't want to take it for granted. I have also surrounded myself with friends who will call me out and keep me accountable in my walk with Jesus.

8) Grateful for heat! It was 24 degrees two nights ago and the heat pump started acting up. I called the repairman because it was set at 74 degrees but the house was at 62. Brrrrrr! Thankful that it was only $105 to fix the problem. It could have been so much worse.

9) Grateful for a chance to teach "Believing God" for our Women's Sunday school. This is one of my passions. Encouraging women to get in the Word for themselves. Discussing biblical concepts and edifying one another in the Lord are so important to me.

10) Grateful for this blog that allows me "to shout to the nations" what the Lord has done for me!


Camille said...

Lovely post of thanksgiving my friend. It's beautiful to *hear* your heart. :)

Many rich blessings to you!

Catherine said...

I 'hear' you shouting to the nations, Stacie, and it is good! Such good news all the way around.

I just created 2 new posts with aprons for sale!

Homestead Living said...

Beautiful! I echo many of those.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Love this grateful post, Stace! I'm thrilled to see great changes taking place in your family. Love so much, sis!

Mich said...

We all need to be more grateful...

Thanks for setting the example and reminding us. :)

Grandma Becky said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am glad you can homeschool as well. I enjoyed our years. Glad you are feeling better and I do enjoy your posts and encouragement through God's word. Hugs!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Indeed...we have much to be thankful for.

His bondservant said...

What a blessing to count our thankfulness to the Lord. So happy to see what He has been doing in your life.


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