Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back From the Dead- My Musings

What a week and a half! Man, am I glad that is over. Tonsillectomies are NOT fun when you are 36 years old. I do have to say that it was easier than the foot surgery last year (BY FAR). The Doc says I am cured and I also have the added benefit of my arm and shoulder pain leaving. I was finally able to rest like I needed to! So I killed two birds with one stone. I am happy to say good bye to two physical therapy appointments a week. What a blessing!

I am almost back to my old self, despite a sore throat. I even went outside today and fixed the trampoline net!

Something I really learned about myself is that I really do enjoy my role as a wife and a mother. It is so fulfilling. I know that I take being able to stay home and care for my large brood for granted. I want to be more grateful for this privilege.

As usual, when mom is down and out, dad had to pick up the slack. It created tension which came to a boiling point. Instead of being afraid of the conflict, I embraced it and used it as a catalyst to implement some changes. We are both happier for it. I just want to say that conflict in marriage is not always bad. Time + Conflict = Change. And changing we are. It is a good thing.

Something else I was reminded of is just how effective it is to GO to your child instead of YELL at your child to come here or give an instruction one room away. When I had a voice that was barely a whisper, my children actually behaved and listened better. It was amazing! I am trying to form this into a habit. Stop what I am doing, go to the child, touch their shoulder and get them to meet my eyes, then give the instruction in a gentle, yet firm voice. It works, people!

While I was on my sick bed I finished up Beth Moore's newest Bible study, Mercy Triumphs": A Study of James. It was not my favorite because it was more academic, but I did learn some valuable lessons in it. I have volunteered to lead Believing God  for our women's Sunday school class this coming term. I am super-excited to be able to do Believing God: A Fresh Explosion of Faith again. This study moves and shakes you! It will be a perfect wrap up to James.

I am ever grateful for God's Word. I love how God speaks to me through it, affirms the lessons I am learning, and teaches me to love the unlovable. He is so good and gracious to me.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So happy all is looking up. God is sooo good! I can't stop praising Him for the awesome work He is doing in your family! Love ya, Sis :)

Catherine said...

Oh, Stacie, God can accomplish so much with you because you have a teachable spirit! Praise God for a swift and perfect recovery!

...they call me mommy... said...

WOW! So glad you are ok! Good reminder about the yelling!! *blush*
Have you ever gone through Beth Moore's Revelation study? WHOA. I thought it was so interesting.

Blessings, Stacie!

RaD said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and that there were some positive changes in your household.

Grandma Becky said...

Stacie, glad you are on the mended end of mend! HA! Have been praying for you and great thoughts! Hugs!

Homestead Living said...

So glad you are feeling better. I remember seeing the need to change the yelling when I had laryngitis. Thanks for the reminder. :)

caz1975 said...

Glad to hear you are feeling so much better :-)

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