Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Christmas Apron and a Surprise Surgery

 Last year my MIL, Ethel, gave me this beautiful vintage-style Christmas apron. Isn't it lovely?
 I wear aprons everyday. It is fun to have one that is just for Christmas baking. I love the red trim and the back is to die for!
 I need to sew up the heart-shaped pocket because my cell phone has made it sag a bit.
 Speaking of Christmas baking, I caved in and did what I swore I would never do. I got the kids another gingerbread house. I shudder when I think of the mess, but they actually didn't do too bad. I am torturing them by making them wait till Christmas to eat it. Hopefully, there will be no cobwebs hanging on it by then! It will be harder than a rock by the time they eat that silly thing.
Everyone seems to be into drawing right now. Nana Diana surprised the kids with some drawing pads and they have gone to town! Jacob and Andrew's drawing has really improved and I love seeing what they are into. They are expanding their interests from just Legos to something else. That is a good thing! It is also hard to fight when you are drawing quietly.

Christmas is almost upon us. I am done with shopping, just need a wrap a few more presents. I am also looking forward to singing in our Christmas Eve service.

I am going to enjoy talking and singing as much as I can this week because next Wednesday I am going in for a tonsillectomy. I am sick of having sore throat after sore throat. I decided to bite the bullet and ask my family to help me while they are on Christmas vacation. They have lovingly and graciously agreed to care for me and the kids so that Steve will not have to take any days off of work. If I can do a bunyonectomy, then I can do a tonsillectomy. My insurance is at a 100% until the end of the year and my doc graciously agreed to squeeze me in at the last minute.

I ask for you to pray for two things:

1. I will not have excessive bleeding (I guess 1 in 25 people have to go back and get cauterized again)

2. I will heal quickly, so that I can start homeschooling within 10 days. I guess talking is NOT something you want to do.

Thank you so much. I value your prayers more than words can say!

Have a Merry Christmas and may the Lord bless you and yours abundantly!


ღ soraya ღ said...

your in my prayers..friend...happy holidays..soraya

Wanting What I Have said...

Wow! What a blessing your doctor could squeeze you in like that! And your family's willingness to jump in! I'll be praying for you sweet friend! Merry Christmas!

Ellen said...

I love your apron! I wear one every day as well..if not I'd look a mess to be sure!
Your dining room is so pretty! The perfect place to children adore drawing and oftentimes, I find I am without printer paper because of the many works of art.
Will be praying for your regarding your surgery. ♥
Have a blessed Christmas!

MommaMindy said...

Praying. I'm thankful you have family to help you through the recovery. May you heal quickly!

Homestead Living said...

Our family will be praying for you! I remember last year when I had laryngitis, I was amazed how quickly the children adapted to me not having to talk loudly. Praying that your family will adapt as well.
Have a very Merry CHRISTmas!

His bondservant said...

Your apron is lovely. I really like the vintage style. Will be praying for you about your surgery…that the Lord gives you relief and a quick recovery.


Jennifer said...

bummer on the surgery but hopefully it will be worth it.

Nadine said...

Adorable apron!
Praying for a wonderful Christmas for you and your family and that your surgery will go smoothly with a quick recovery!
God Bless!


Ronnie said...

Will be praying for a successful surgery and recovery! Fun gingerbread house. That is something we have never done - but the kids haven't asked, we might not do that! Ha ha1

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

LOVE the apron! So vintage. I'm looking forward to spending time with you, even though it will be a one-sided conversation. Get your dry erase board out! Love you so much, Jackie

Catherine said...

I'm already praying for a swift healing and recovery, Stacie. Your apron is DARling!

Sarah said...

Love your Christamas apron Stacie! Will be praying for your surgery! :)

Grandma Becky said...

Christmas apron is pretty and thanks for reminding me of the one I need to make. I always forget it til its too late. Oh there is always next year. I will pray that you will do well with your tonsillectomy and then you can eat some yummy ice cream and maybe some yogurt. Colds are no fun! Merry Christmas my dear and hugs to you family for me!

OurLilFullFam said...

Praying for your surgery Stacie! My tonsils have been gone for a long time now, so I pray you get wonderful results as well!


Val - Firefighter Wife said...

Merry Christmas! I love the apron. I've been thinking of adding an apron to my birthday list and I definitely want a retro style one.

Best wishes for a smooth surgery.

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