Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grandma Mary's Fake Eyelashes

 As I was going through Grandma Mary's things I found a few really old items. The first thing was leg make up from WWII. It was still in it's original box! I hadn't even heard of leg make up before. I also found these massive fake eyelashes! I remember her wearing them when she dressed up for a square dancing party.
 It felt like I had huge butterflies on my eyelids. I don't know how she did it for a whole evening!
 The kids and I had fun trying them on. Here's Jess!
 By this time, the sticky stuff was starting to wear off. I'm going to go buy some more, so we can have some more fun.
Look at Andrew's eyes! Too funny!

It was nice to be able to laugh after such a hard weekend. I'm saving those babies!


Rachel and Family said...

Beautiful posts. I remembered being wowed by how youthful she seemed.
Those eyelashes are definately you :))

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Oh, my gosh! That is hilarious! Love the picture of you kissing the air. Too funny! That leg make up was so cool, too! What a piece of history. I was reading in grandma's journal and she talked about learning the jitterbug. What I would give to have watched her dance that! We danced it in Zumba this morning and I kept thinking about her dancing it, too :0

Ellen said...

Love the pics with the lashes! I wonder how she wore them all evening?
I have heard of leg makeup..they used it to color their legs when nylons were not available. Some even painted the line down the back of their legs to look like the seam.:)
What a blessing that you & Jackie have such wonderful memories of your Grandma.

Veronica @ Luv My Quiver Full Of Arrows said...


How super cool that you have the opportunity to look into your Grandma's history that way. You are truly blessed!


Jenn said...

What wonderful memories and a great opportunity to remember your grandma. I'm praying for your whole family.

Sarah said...

Haha! So funny...the photographs were just hilarious Stacie!

Oh, and just to add that "Leg make-up" is actually still sold here in Europe! Weird huh?!

Anonymous said...

nice post friend...thank you for sharing...wish i could visit everyone more frecuently but are many..and the hours are different but prayers and blessings on your way..lets remember the real reason for the holidays..days of peace love and thinking...loves from our home to yours...maranatha..

Grandma Becky said...

The lashes look good on you! :-) Too funny and the leg makeup? I have heard that it would run if it got wet. Some woman made a line down the back of their legs so it looked like they were wearing hosiery of the day! It's amazing what you find when you go through things of a mom's included! Thanks for sharing!

OurLilFullFam said...

What a sweet thing to do, laughing and remembering how much she enjoyed life!

I am so sorry for your loss, believe me I understand! My prayers are with you all during this time!


Camille said...

How fun Stacie! :)

May the LORD bless you and your family this CHRISTmas with HIS peace and presence!

In HIS Love,

Robin said...

LOL. Aren't false eyelashes one of the weirdest inventions...EVER? although leg makeup is pretty weird, too. :)

Shoe Dryer said...

Really beautiful post :)

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