Monday, November 21, 2011

Blessings in Abundance

I visited my lovely In-Laws this last weekend and was privileged enough to attend their church. I just love going there! They preach the Bible and make and you can tell they practice an Acts-style new testament church. They just love each other and rejoice in meeting one another's needs.

The pastor gave us a slip of paper and challenged us to fill in the blanks. I thought it would make a perfect Thanksgiving blog post. I am also going to throw in random pictures of things I am thankful for. Ready...Get Set...GO!!!

Give thanks for....PHYSICAL BLESSINGS

1. Being able to walk
2. Being able to talk
3. Being able to see
4. Being able to hear
5. Despite breaking my back, I am able to do most things

(My twin, Jackie and I riding at my parent's ranch. Mt. Hood is in the background)

Give thanks for....FINANCIAL BLESSINGS

1. A pantry, freezer, and fridge full of food.
2. I have a house that is warm and cozy and big enough for all of us
3. Closets full of clothes, shoes and coats for winter
4. A good job for Steve
5. Steve makes enough so that I don't have to work

Give thanks for....MENTAL BLESSINGS

1. I do not have a tendency towards depression
2. I have the joy of the Lord
3. I can read and write
4. I have the ability to homeschool my six children.
5. I am able to write on my blog and in a few publications

(Our Kenyan pastor and his family that we support in various ways.)

Give thanks for....SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS

2. Forgiveness of sin!!!!
3. Redemption!!!!
4. The Holy Spirit who lives in me!!!!
5.The unbelievable love that my God has for me!!!!
6. The ability to give to those in need!!!!

Give thanks for....ANSWERED PRAYER

1. Shoulder feels better
2. My brother-in-laws new job
3. A car was purchased by the church for someone who is struggling
4. Another friend's cancer was contained in her uterus. It has not spread.
5. Another friend got a free patches to stop smoking.
(and many more....)

(I get to benefit from these Titus 2 ladies, Margaret and Catherine. They keep me in line ;)  )

Give thanks for....TODAY'S BLESSINGS

1. Safe trip from my in-laws
2. Having enough gas money in an envelope to travel.
3. Our van has been very dependable
4. That I made a three hour trip with only one potty stop!
5. I have a Bible in my lap
6. Freedom from physical persecution due to being a Christian.
7. A wonderful extended family
8. A twin sister that is like my other half. She knows me better than I know myself.
9. I am surrounded by friends that hold me accountable and love me enough to tell me I am sinning.
10. I get to homeschool today and my hubby is home to help me!

Give thanks for....ETERNAL BLESSINGS

Heaven...and all that it contains and means to us!

Blessings in Abundance


Catherine said...

Wow, Stacie, you did well counting it all joy, counting your blessings, praising God, and giving credit to Whom it is due!

Fire Wife said...

What a lovely idea! I may "steal" it!

Nadine said...

What wonderful blessings! I like that idea of listing them off.


MommaMindy said...

I loved your list of blessings. It's too easy to count the trials and not the blessings. Thanks for the encouragement.

I must have started following you later or missed some posts. I didn't know you broke your back. Did you blog through this? How far back should I go to read?

May your week be truly blessed as you gather for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Rachel and Family said...

I LOVED this post. We do have have much to be grateful for.

We will begin homeschooling in fall '12!! So THANKFUl! Wish I could start right this minute though...

Can't wait to talk to you again. This week is crazy, early next week I hope.


RaD said...

This is awesome. I've actually (by another blog friend's prompting) been posting mine weekly. However, after reading "1,000 Gifts" by Ann Voskamp I try to write them out every day. It really is amazing what God does for us every day, in every moment, in every detail.

mag brewer said...

Wonderful post, sweet woman of God. Great to start thinking of our own blessings. I love it.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What a cool post, Stace! I'm so honored to be one of the many things you are thankful for. You know me better than I know myself, too ;) I love you so much and am looking so forward to seeing you. Looks like we will be coming up after Christmas as well. So looking forward to giving you a hug. Until tomorrow!

Jenn said...

Beautiful blessings, indeed! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mich said...

Loved this post and all the pictures!!!

Chelle said...

Lovely post. I have much to be thankful for too.

OurLilFullFam said...

Great list Stacie! We do have so much to be thankful for! I take for granted sometimes just how blessed I am.

I think living on "just enough" makes us think how we struggle when in reality we don't. It is more an American mindset. I have tried to convey this to my kids. Watching Travel the Road or reading Voice of the Martyrs really puts things into perspective!

You are right, eternity to stand in awe of the greatest blessing of all will be the ultimate for sure!

Thanks for reminding me of how much I have, and how important it is to be thankful for it!!!!


Val - Firefighter Wife said...

Wonderful post full of your amazing life :) I love to see people thankful for so many things.

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