Monday, October 31, 2011

Pastor Steve's Mother- A Devotion

Dear Mothers,

I was sitting in church and recognized Pastor Steve’s mother. She was directly in front of me. I felt like I needed to encourage her, so I introduced myself. I told her how much it touched me to see pictures of her on Facebook ministering to her son’s needs as he lay dying of cancer. I said that she was living a mother’s worst nightmare. I can’t imagine watching your child die in front of you and being unable to do anything about it. She was so full of peace. It was in her, through her and all around her. You could see it, almost touch it. Beautiful…

I went on to thank her for raising such an amazing man of God. She humbly said that there was a time where he had walked away from the Lord but, praise God, he had come back.

What a testament to mothering! It gave me such hope. I worry too much about my children rebelling and rejecting their faith. I want so much for them to not have to suffer. I want them not to struggle on that wide highway that leads to death. I want them to walk the narrow path that leads to life! Yet, it is their decision. They will have to choose just like I did.

This mother raised Pastor Steve in a Christian home. She gave him a godly foundation. Even when he walked the wrong path for a while, he knew the way home. After he was sufficiently humbled, God began to use him. For nine years, our whole church was on the receiving end of godly mothering!

What a powerful influence we have on these children God has gifted us with. Let us not take these years of training lightly. Even if you have grown children and are now in the grand-parenting stage, you can pour your motherly influence out upon them. We are commanded to do so. From generation to generation we are to proclaim His works!

Continue to teach them in love, even when they make huge mistakes. Continue to point them to Jesus. Continue to be a godly example to them, being above reproach in everything we say and do.

Most of all continue to pray for your children. Pray the Holy Spirit will reveal to them His plan for their lives. He has a task for each and every one of them to fulfill here on earth.

From One Mom to Another,


Catherine said...

I'm so glad you had the opportunity to minister to Pastor Steve's mother! She IS filled with peace, and you KNOW she misses him as a mother would miss any child. Thanks for this encouraging post, Stacie!

Fire Wife said...

I am sure you were a blessing to her that day.

And it's true, even in my (relatively) young life I have seen many people, many my own age, wander away from the Truth they were taught at a young age, only to return later. I have yet to see anyone raised in Truth not eventually return to those roots.

Rachel and Family said...

Wonderfully said! Especially "on the receiving end of Godly mothering".

LizyBeth said...

Thank you for the beautiful reminder to mother our children and raise them in our own response of obedience to God, and also to let go and let Him draw them in.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wonderful devotion, Stacie. I'm sure God used you to encourage her greatly as she struggled. Praying God will use Pastor Steve's death as much as his life. It is wonderful to think of him as whole again in heaven and in the presence of Jesus. Praise God for the hope we have in Him!

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