Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Musings-Playing Catch Up

 There is a crispness in the air and it is raining outside right now. Fall is officially here and we have entered into a brand new season. I have been busy processing the last of the garden, but sadly neglecting my flowers. I have golfer's elbow and my tendons throughout my right arm and shoulder are swollen and inflamed from painting the outside of the house with a broken roller. It is pinching a nerve. I am starting physical therapy and am praying for some relief. It has been very painful and is affecting my sleep.

I am missing my Beth Moore studies. As I wait for her study of James to come in November, I am trying some smaller ones. They just aren't the same. Even though sometimes I get annoyed at the flipping back and forth from this scripture to that scripture, I find that I am missing it. It challenges me. Beth makes me find the answers myself and I love her style.
 No, this isn't my little girl flitting here and there...

 It is Jacob! Jessica got this outfit from a friend and decided to dress her little brother up in it. He would make a cute girl though with those cheeks. Glad he isn't, though. I love having four boys!
 Jacob, dirty shirt and all. I can't believe how this kid can get dirty so fast!
 Marcus forgot to shave (LOL)! He found this fake mustache at the Dollar store. We have had a lot of fun teasing him. I make him take it off when we go out though.
I like mustaches. I think he will look good with one eventually. The boys are obsessed right now with their body hair! Who has the most? Is it enough? When will I get more?

Steve has been working a ton lately so I have been by myself with the kids. The pressure of having all the kids by myself  for most of the last two months is starting to wear me out. I am also dealing with the constant pain in my arm giving me little sleep. I have been tired and cranky and not very pleasant to be around.

Homeschooling is going better. The worst thing is having to deal with Lily's fits in the middle of a lecture. I hate to do it, but I put on an educational movie when I know I have to lecture. It is the only way we can all concentrate. She is going through a stage right now of hysterical fit-throwing. I have never had a kid throw tantrums. I am finding her to be completely different in the area of emotions. She is HIGHLY emotional!

I haven't blogging as much. Trying to keep my head in the game and not use blogging as a form of escape. It is so easy to do.

My hubby has taken the kids to the beach for a vacation with his parents and given me the week off! I am visiting my sister and then going to a women's retreat. I am so looking forward to it! I can't wait to spend some one on one time with the Lord where I can really focus on Him without the distractions that I normally face. Praying that He will reveal some stuff to me that I am not aware of or give me the tools to change the things I am aware. I am grateful to my husband for allowing me to go, my mom for watching the kids and the person who paid my way because she wanted me to be there. What a blessing!

That's all for now. The kids are starting fuss, I need to get in a shower and discipline the kids that are ignoring my instructions. Yep, that's my life! But it is good...


Mich said...

Prayers. Sounds like you have your hands full these days.

I have found every kid is different, no two alike. She will grow out of the fits.

Nadine said...

Sounds like you have been a very busy Mommy! How wonderful that you were able to spend some time with your sister.
I hope you are feeling well soon!


Grandma Becky said...

My prayers for your pain and for your stamina to deal with life in general. It's no fun when sleep is deprived due to pain. I've had leg muscle issues lately and finally getting better so I can sleep better. I remember my daughter having fits when she was little but it passed cuz I didn't give into them. Getting her mind off it is a good thing. It will pass, but not always fun when going through it. Hugs!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

You are such a great mom, wife and sis. I pray your elbow, shoulder and knee get to feeling better quickly! Thanks again for coming to visit me. It was so fun! Love you so much, sis!

Anonymous said...

You sound very busy Dear Stacie. I hope that you can get some rest in between all the things you must do.

I'm sorry to hear you have golfer's elbow. I had tendinitus for the entire month of August. I had much pain in my shoulder and neck, so I can sympathize with you regarding pain. I do hope that you are feeling better soon.

You sound a bit stressed. I pray that the Lord will give you some strength as well as some of His love.

Wanting What I Have said...

Oh Stacie! You are a breath of fresh air! I laughed and smiled so much while reading this. I am so happy for you to have time away. :) and I am going to be praying for your elbow. Wish I was there and could paint the house for you! said...

Staci, you sure have a lot on your plate and having more control under your roof is a good thing these days. My daughters are grown, but if there were school aged today, I would definitely be home-schooling. The networking, sharing, encouragement and resources are so much different these days. These children consistently score higher on their SAT's that public schooled children. What is this? Focus? Less time being wasted? Hands-on learning? Flexibility to meet the learning style of a particular child? So many variables, but home-schooling can better meet the challenge. God Bless You!

Fire Wife said...

Nice update. Sounds like you have your hands full. And yes, I think Brody will look good with a real mustache some day :)

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