Thursday, September 1, 2011

Voice of The Martyrs VBS

 Last year I was reading my VOM magazine and I saw their new VBS curriculum. I was super-excited and went ahead and purchased it. I prayed that our church would be willing to do it. They got on board and put on an amazing VBS!

I was the "AWARENESS LEADER", my job was to teach the children about what Christians are going through around the world. Some of the men in our church created this jail cell for me to take the kids into. They used a liner from a truck bed. Can you believe it? It was perfect! As I brought the children in, I asked a lot of hard questions. I made them think about what it would be like to really be in jail.
 Here we all are packed in the jail. We are singing and witnessing to our prison guard.
 They kids did super job memorizing their verses!
This is our "underground Sunday school". The kids had to go through a tunnel to get into this dark room. We had streamers up as a decoy. When the "police" came, we had a birthday party. We had LED candles and made the room look dark and a little spooky. They kids LOVED it! We talked about what it would be like to meet in a secret place to worship the Lord. We sang "Jesus Loves Me" silently so we wouldn't alert the "police". I showed them pictures of churches that had been burned down, and people worshipping in their homes or in caves. Most of them had no idea that Christians had to endure such things just to get to church.

My biggest question to the kids was this...

Why do they bother? Why do they continue to risk their lives just so they can be together and worship?

The answer is that God made the Body of Christ to need each other. We are meant to encourage and edify one another. We are not to "forsake meeting together".

This VBS is different from any I've ever attended. There were not a bunch of bells and whistles, "stores", toys and such. It was not about the kids, it was about others. It was about the suffering saints all around the world.

The kids even raised enough money ($500) to launch a balloon into North Korea that releases 10,000 scriptures! This is one of the most closed off countries of the world! Imagine the Word of God spreading like wildfire among it's people!

I'm so thankful that I got to be a part of it and the highlight of the week was leading five children to the Lord. I've been praying for years to lead someone to Christ. God gave me five in one day! He is so good!!!

If you are looking for a good VBS curriculum, click here.


MommaMindy said...

Praise the Lord, Stacie, for your faith and your enthusiasm. I was so blessed to read about your VBS. I read Tortured for Christ as a new believer and it totally affected my life. A few years later, a believer who escaped from Communist Romania come to our fellowship. It took years for his wife and children to be able to join him. May the VBS experience impact the lives of all involved to continue to be faithful to believe, obey and share the Gospel. Bless you, sister!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so proud of you, Stace, for taking this on. It sounds like the Lord had his hand on this VBS from the beginning. I'm sure the kids and adults learned a lot that week! Great job, Sis! Can't wait to see you tonight!!!!

Catherine said...

I thank you, too, Stacie, because your visit with me about what you did induced me to buy it for my church. And then my church put it on while I was a way, and the comments were similar...about how powerful it was. Thank you!

Mich said...

Looks like a great VBS theme. Love the use of the jail cell to teach.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

candy said...

OH man,I so wish Wyatt and MaKenna could of been there.Sounds so powerful. The kids who went will have changed forever I know this had to have changed hearts and made God real to them.I saw Dianna there too.Did she teach too.I am super proud of you and your church for your willingness to work for the Lord.and... what a blessing Stace to lead so many at one time to the Lord. Awesome!!!!

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