Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fort Steven's Civil War Reenactment-2011

 I was able to take three of the older children with me and go with my sister and her family to the coast this year for the reenactment.
 I LOVE to go to these things. I think this was my fourth time. It is the largest of these events in the Northwest. History is very cool and I love to see how people recreate it. It is very educational and a great "field trip". These soldiers are from the "Highland" unit.
 Here are the Rebels facing the Union Calvary.
 Getting ready to engage.
 A poignant reminder of what the battlefield might have looked like. What a waste of young men.

 I always enjoy watching the armies fire their cannons.
We were blessed to be able to be there the whole day. The weather was terrific! We got to watch both battles. One was a recreation of the battle where the commander Stevens, fell. It was interesting. The flag fell to the ground and you could hear the vets in the audience say, "Get your colors up"!!! My brother-in-law, Michael couldn't stand it any longer as some of the soldiers actually walked over the flag. He got up and SCREAMED it. I was so proud of him. That flag means something to him. He has served over in Iraq and he said that would have never happened.


Fire Wife said...

That is so neat. I've actually never been to a re-enactment, although I think they're really cool. I suipposed I should just make it a point to go, huh?

Sarah said...

WOW, that looks brilliant! I would LOVE to go to a re-enactment also!

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