Monday, August 15, 2011

Homeschooling Article by "The Village Idiot" Jim Mullen

I read this column in my local newspaper and was pleasantly surprised to see that homeschooling is even proving itself in the secular world. People ARE seeing a difference. This article cracked me up!

Because of copyrights, I couldn't reprint it, but you can check it out if you click on the link above.

I also have to share that when my sister and I's families went on an outing to Ritter Hot Springs, a lady came up to my sister and asked if we homeschooled. When Jackie said "yes", the lady said, "Do you want to know how I knew that?" She said, "The older children were treating the younger children with kindness and respect." WOW!!!! People notice these things! They are seeing a difference! Praise the Lord and praise God for the freedom to homeschool.


Mama Hen said...

That is a funny article. And lots of it is so true. Maybe all of it? I try to avoid across the board generalizations but I am so happy I can homeschool! It has been so good for our family.

Kimberly said...

That is a funny article- Homeschooling is a privilidge not a right, such a blessing!

We just got back from vacation...We did the Oregon coast, from Astoria all the way down to the Trees of Mystery; I thought of you and your family as we were there, since you'd been there earlier in the year. No, I did not go on the Sky Trail gondola, the rest of the family did however!! The funny thing about the trip was that it was an educational vacation, at every turn we were learning and experiencing history and aweing at God's glorious creations. Man, we are such a "homeschool" family!!!!

MommaMindy said...

Thanks for posting! I just put the article on my FB page. My younger brother, not a believer and not a father, once made this observation about my kids after visiting us. "Public school kids are think other kids are normal and adults are wierd. Homeschooled kids think adults are normal and other kids are wierd." He also felt public schooled kids were peer dependent and not really socialized.

As much as I agree with his comments, I also know that the main factor in the kids isn't always just the schooling, it is the faith of the parents.I've seen wonderful public schooled kids and horrible homeschooled kids. We parents need to keep the faith and follow Jesus for the best results with our kids!

Thanks for the encouragment as I begin my 18th? year of homeschooling.

Nadine said...

I love it when we get people who ask if we homeschool due to our children being polite to others and being able to hold conversations with people of all ages! :)


JuRita said...

great article! thank you for sharing. I passed it along on FB. have a wonderful week! ;)

caz1975 said...

Love it, thanks for sharing :-)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I thought this article was funny, especially coming from a secular view point. Thanks for sharing it! I feel so privileged to homeschool. I can't imagine doing anything else. Thanks for pioneering the way for me!

Homestead Living said...

Thanks for sharing. He makes some great points! He sure didn't hold back any.

I too feel so blessed for the freedom to be able to train and teach my children at home. Praise God!!!

Wanting What I Have said...

This article ran in our paper, too! I LOVED it as well! :) So glad you shared!

Catherine said...

I loved the article, Stacie, and I'm glad your hard work is paying off because your children were the older ones! Good job, MamaSchooler!!!

Camille said...

Wonderful photo of you children with Jackie's two...precious! :) You should frame it for the grandparents...and for yourselves.

Welcome back! I'm back too...with a difference. ;-)

Love to you!

OurLilFullFam said...

That article made me laugh too! Although it is not funny the scoiety we live in, he did a good job of getting his point across!

I can always tell homeschoolers too by that very thing. And, as we have had neighborhood kids over playing they have said they don't want to play with the little guys too, my kids are dumbfounded and tell them to go home then because here we all play together.

Not that we always get along with each other (!) but that it is foreign to them to send their siblings off or refuse to play with them!


Together We Save said...

Wow - what a compliment!!

stampedconcrete said...

this article is so interesting .. such a great article .. thanks for sharing this ..

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