Sunday, July 17, 2011

Homeschooling: Surviving or Thriving?

Taken from Homeschooling the Challenging Child by Christine M. Field.

"If the 'results' of your homeschooling are not what you expected, remember that these children and this responsibility did not come from the Lord with a guarantee! If we do X, Y, and Z and do it faithfully to his glory, the results are always in his hands-not ours.

Maybe you have the pictures-perfect home school poster child. You are indeed blessed. you can be a beacon to the rest of us imperfect parents with imperfect children. Or perhaps you actually are paying a pretty high price to look good on the outside while hurting on the inside.

There are , in fact, a few guarantees in this endeavor. We are guaranteed that the Lord will walk beside us as we step out in faith each day. We are guaranteed that he will never leave us or forsake us in our time of challenge or need. We can rest in the guarantee that everything he allows into our lives is for his purposes.

While I may not be able to trade in my difficult life for an easier existence, I can rest in the assurance that I have all the guarantees I need, and I wouldn't exchange what He has given me for anything.

Each day I have the choice to survive or thrive. Even with God's assurance, some days are survival days. But if you spend more than a season in mere survival mode, take a hard look at your life. Don't just try to survive! Where is the victory there? We don't want to just stay alive-we want to make progress for the kingdom of God!

Psalm 127 tells us that our children are arrows (v.4). We don't launch the arrows off willy-nilly and let them land where they will. Nor do we pull an arrow out of the quiver, shoot it at a blank wall, and then run over and draw a target around the arrow. We want to launch them in such a way that they will make an impact for God.

Our children are our arrows, and our work with them is our ministry for this season of life. Like any ministry, we don't want to just survive. We want to shine for His glory!"

I'm a mother who has a couple of challenging children when it comes to homeschooling. It is easy to just go with the flow and survive each day. I was completely convicted when I read this. I want to thrive in my home school.

This is the first summer that I really felt the Lord lead me to take an entire summer off. It has been a relief to not worry about homeschooling and feeling guilty when we don't. Our summer has been jam-packed with wonderful things that have been a catalyst for learning and growing. It has been heavenly to have a mental break from it all. I know when September rolls around, I will be refreshed and rearing to go with a new vision and energy that the Lord only gives.

I am enjoying cleaning and purging the house. Gardening and getting the outside of the house put back in shape has been immensely satisfying. We wait all year for the weather to be nice and now we can actually enjoy it!

If you are homeschooling, ask yourself, "Am I surviving or thriving?". If you are surviving, do something about it. God will give the wisdom of what needs to change in your life.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Great post, Sis! I'm so glad you helped convince me to take a break as well. I'm really enjoying my kids more and I feel like I have time to start thinking and praying about the vision God has for our homeschool this coming year.

caz1975 said...

This has been very much on my heart too. We have taken a couple of weeks off at the moment as I try and get my head back together after the very recent funerals and i've had a couple of comments from well meaning people asking why we are still on holidays.

I decided that it is more important to make sure we're in the right space and get started on a fresh note so that we can in fact thrive as a home schooling family, rather than just do what is expected for the sake of it and simply 'survive'.

We've been spending time just hanging out as a family and that's exactly what we need right now for our sad and frazzled souls! My goal in home schooling is not just to teach my son all the academic things he needs to know, but to nurture him as a whole child and to me that's more important. So nice to read your journey too :-)

JuRita said...

Thank you for your post :) Everyday we must walk in the spirit and be led by the spirit when homeschooling our kids for sure. Its so important not to be uptight and try to live up to a certain standard. I pray I will thrive today, but if I am surviving it is because I am holding on to Jesus! :) There is so much more fruit when I can just simply speak without any wrath. A motto for our home as of late: everything with LOVE and PATIENCE. Well, have a wonderful summer! I love breaks too! btw: loved your garage sale finds.. good ones can be so fun and refreshing.

momof4 said...

Thanks so much for this post. I know I have survival days and days where it's just better if we stop and start fresh in the morning. It's always a great reminder to look to God and know that he holds our children in his hands.

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