Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Redwoods Vacation Part Two: The Trees

 I found these trees to be so large and tall, that it was very difficult to take pictures of them.
 The bases of them were HUGE!
 They were so majestic as they reached up towards the sunlight.
 Here is Lily sitting on a burl.
 She looked big, until I pulled back the camera. She is tiny compared to this gigantic tree!
 This clover carpeted the forest. It looked like a fairyland.
 The clover and ferns just gave the forest such beauty.
 It's a little blurry, but it was a sweet picture of two very good friends enjoying every second they could together!
 Steve and I, in a hollowed out tree that was struck by lightening. You can see the charred wood behind us.
 Here are the kids trying to "hold up" a Redwood that had fallen.
 Rachel and I had fun climbing up it. Getting back down was a little trickier! They are slick!
When one falls, the root structure is just astounding! I was also amazed at how well-preserved they are after hundreds of years of laying on the ground. We found out that they are bug-resistant and are a very hardy wood, that does not decompose easily.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Yep, that is why they use them for decks. These are awesome pics, Stace! I think my favorite is the pic of you and Steve, but I really love the clover pic, too, oh and the pic of Lily looking so tiny sitting on that tree! You did a good job, Stace :) I missed you so much while you were gone. Glad we get our daily phone chats again!

Rachel and Family said...


I love the clover picture. It looks so whimsical.

Robin said...

*dreamy sigh* There are so many things to love about Northern California. Those Redwoods are near the top of the list.

...they call me mommy... said...

So enjoying your vacation log! :) We are hoping to go to South Dakota later this summer and I love the idea of blogging as you go! :)

Kimberly said...

That clover is huge, it must have been beautiful! Here you and Jackie are posting about adventures, I want to go on another adventure! There just isn't enough time and dollars to go on them all the time though {bummer!}

Part of the reason we ended up buying a tent trailer was the hotel occupant rules, I won't say that it is hassle free, because it takes much maintenance even along the way. Also much meal planning is needed, but it solved the occupancy problem for us. Some parks charge high overnight fees, the park we stayed at for the disney trip was about $65 at night, most run about $40. One thing that the guys used on the MN trip was Wa***rt, most allow overnight camping which is free- it works great when your on the road for just a couple days, our rig doesn't have a shower, so we have to end up at conventional parks every so often- but free is a good price.

caz1975 said...

what a beautiful place, looks like a fun family trip and a lovely time catching up with your friends :-)

Lizzy said...

Your pics are amazing! I love, love trees and I have always wanted to go there! glad you had a great vacay :)

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