Monday, June 27, 2011

Caught and Catching Up!

 Andrew lost his second bottom tooth this week. He put his tooth in the tooth pillow and stuck it under his big pillow. As I was playing the tooth fairy, he woke up! His eyes got huge and he said, "Mom, you're freaking me out!" I told him that I was just checking to see if the Tooth Fairy had come. He went back to bed and in the morning came out. He had told Marcus was had happened. Marcus said that the Tooth Fairy can take on the shape of mom. Oh my, now he is telling everyone that his Mom is the Tooth Fairy, but still believes IN the Tooth Fairy! Hope he doesn't blow it for other kids!

The weather is starting to get a bit warmer. We have enjoyed sitting with the kids out on the swing. I love to see Steve sitting with his kids and talking with them. We have a wonderful view of the Klickitat Mountains from our backyard. The sky is vast and beautiful as well. Summer is finally here and we are making the most of it!

 OK, I know this isn't the most flattering picture of me, but I just have to show you the brilliant idea that my husband came up with. We kept losing our remotes and it was costing us money, not to mention it was highly annoying! He got a piece of Styrofoam and cut out the shapes of our remotes. Being a MAN, he duct-taped them on to it. We have never lost our remotes since! Yes, you will have to undo it when you need to change the batteries, but it is worth the hassle!
 I walked into the house the other day, and saw Lily in the shoebox/bench seat totally buried in shoes! I assumed someone did it to her, when Jessica said, "Nope, she got in there and covered herself with them." Weird! I just didn't want anyone to shut the thing, so I made her get out. The kid is like her mama, she loves shoes!!!
The other day, I decided to load up the four-wheeler and take the kids out to my parent's ranch to play. It was the first time I've ever done anything like that myself. I had Steve show me how to hitch up the trailer (again) and then drove it out there. Dad has three, 4-Wheelers, so we got to ride together while I gave the other kids rides. It was so much fun. The scenery and wildflowers out there are just breathtaking. Jess took this picture of the wild lupine. I loaded up the 4-wheeler and backed it all the way down my driveway myself. It was a milestone for me. I want to be comfortable doing things like that without Steve's help.

The summer is starting to get busy, a few weekends ago, we put on a 25th anniversary party for Dad and Diana. Is was crazy the week before, but my sis, SIL, and I pulled it off, with the help of many other people. The vow renewal was a blessing to watch and a wonderful testimony to their grandchildren. The reception afterwards was simple, yet delightful!

This last weekend I was able to get away with two very good friends! We call ourselves the "Three Musketeers". Catherine, Margaret and I are different ages and stages of life. Our ages range from 65-36! But God is the glue in our relationship. We are brutal accountability partners and delight in the fact that we get to call each other to the carpet! But we also know that we could be next. We don't let each other get away with anything. It is a real blessing and God has allowed the fruit of refinement to come out of these relationships. So what did we do for two days? Talk, eat, sleep, talk, eat, make a few cards, take a drive, sleep, talk, eat! I feel very "full"! It was wonderful to really get caught up with each other and ask for wisdom and break out in a praise song, if we were fairly bursting with joy! Oh, I love these ladies! A special thank you to my MIL, Ethel. She came and watched the kids for the first night because Steve was working. I think she had a lot of fun with them and they loved having Nana come up.

One of the things that came out of this mini-retreat is that I have decided to take a full summer break. I have homeschooled all year around in the past. I'm going to see how this goes. I feel that not only do the kids need a break, but I do as well. It might really help my stress level go down if I can stop being so serious all the time and just have FUN with my children. This way too, I can get a bunch of extra projects done around the place and take them on picnics and museums and such. The kids and I are really excited about it. I have decided to keep a half an hour of required reading time every weekday. It will keep us going on that, and it will hopefully be a fun and relaxing time in the morning or afternoon. I don't want them to lose any reading skills over the summer.

This week will be very different. Dad and Diana are keeping the three older children in Dufur while they run them back and forth to basketball camp. I am really going to focus on the three little ones and try to do some fun things with them. They love to "work" beside mama. We have lots of raspberries and peas to pick right now.

I will have time this week to prepare more for our Voice of the Martyr's themed VBS which is coming up in July. The persecuted church is one of my passions, so I am delighted that we will be teaching our kids to have courage in the face of physical, but more importantly psychological persecution. I will have them write over a hundred letters to prisoners around the world, and we will learn how to pray for their needs. We even have a man in our church build up an actual jail cell and an underground church meeting place! The kids are really going to get to feel and experience just a taste of what it might be like.
On a sad note, please pray for our pastor. Pastor Steve ( our senior pastor) is in the final stages of his battle with cancer. They probably calling hospice this week. Pray for Marilyn, his wife, and Jamie and Jared who are his children. Our church will be taking on an interim pastor July 5th to help us with our grieving and to also help us transition. This is a very difficult time for all. Pray that they can keep his pain under control and that he will not suffer. He is the godliest of men and we all know where he is going, but we love him so much that it hurts knowing that he is in pain. Thank you!
I have so much to look forward to this summer. I am living a blessed life and am so grateful to God for friends, family, health and the Body of Christ.


Catherine said...

Oh, Stacie, that was a lot of catching up! Thank you for the covering and washing of prayers for me, thank you for loving me always, and thank you for being who God made you to be! I love you, Sister!

Kimberly said...

A summer break is a good thing. You might want to think about going to the 4day school week. It really helped all of us in the area of feeling overwhelmed and over school-worked. Our pattern for longer breaks is 3-4 weeks in December, maybe a week's vacation in spring, then about 6 weeks off in the summer, which is usually all of July and a couple weeks into August.

We told our kiddoes about the tooth fairy, along with other mythical visitors into the home-they were all relieved to know that strange beings weren't entering our home!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like many fun things are taking place within your family, and that's a good thing. Your daughter sure looks funny laying amongst all those shoes, tee hee.

I'll keep your senior pastor in my thoughts and prayers, as I know that family is probably going through a very scary time in their lives right now.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wonderful post, Stace. I'm so proud of you for loading up the 4wheeler all by yourself. You rock! Glad you had a great time with your girls.

I'm so glad you convinced me to take the summer off, too. I can't believe the relief I feel. Thank you!

Jess did a great job with the lupine picture!

Love what Andrew said about the tooth fairy. So funny!

His bondservant said...

So glad you are enjoying your summer vacation! Every family is different…you must do what feels right for you and yours. Love the idea your husband came up with…my husband will love that…he is a duct tape kinda guy. I cannot imagine having a view of the mountains from my backyard. How lovely! The mountains are my absolute favorite place to be.

God bless,

Trisha said...

What beautiful and funny things you have happening all around you. Isn't a Mama's life the greatest? :)

I am so very sorry to hear about your Pastor. I pray for God's peace and strength for all, and may your interim pastor have wisdom in how to shepherd all of you in this time of grief. I literally watched my Dad die, and I thank God for the privilege of being in the room....seeing him like that only made me more thankful he was being delivered from a body ravaged by the effects of sin. I hug you in my heart as you walk this path...

Homestead Living said...

We will be praying for your church body. What a hard thing to go through. I'm so glad you caught us all up.
I used to teach all year round too. Then we became the managers of a camp whose busy season is summer and that forced us to take a break. I'm so glad that the children get to see their mother not so stressed and able to kick back and just 'be' with them. We do the 4 day week when school is in session.
I hope you are able to make lots more precious memories this summer. :)
Many blessings to you,

Marie said...

Thank you! Yes, my grandmother and my mother did left me a lot of jewelry and I got to keep all of them because my sister has very different style =)

That remote control idea is brilliant!

And your parents have an exquisite ranch! It's so perfect...

And I will pray for your pastor.

Camille said...

Dear Stacie ~ What a blessing that you have those friends to connect with! The LORD is so good to us, isn't HE? I am glad you are taking the summer off...I am sure you will find it to be beneficial. ENJOY!! So sorry to learn of your pastor and his current struggles. I will be praying for him today.

Many blessings,

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