Saturday, June 11, 2011

Andrew Lost His First Tooth!

I have never seen a child more excited about losing a tooth! He has been watching Jessica and Marcus raking in all this money from the Tooth Fairy. When his first tooth began loosening, he really worked on it. It was hanging by a thread when I asked him if he wanted me to pull it. He said yes, so I did! He kept laughing and giggling. It was so cute and so Andrew!

It bled a lot for barely being in there.

He kept checking himself out in the mirror.

And this is Miss Lily's new occupation. Find a marker and quickly write all over yourself, then come to mama and say "sorry".  Praise the Lord this was a wet/erase marker and not a Sharpie.
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Rachel and Family said...

Oh my Lily!! You might've outdone Mary on this one. Although she comes in a close second.

Yay Andrew! Ann is so jealous!

Lizzy said...

I was always so scared to have my teeth pulled! lol that is so funny that your son was enjoying it. (though I would have been happy to get money too ;)

at least she didn't draw on the walls... though I am sure it would have taken FOREVER to get of her if was a permenant marker!

Homestead Living said...

Our Lillie lost her first tooth this week also. We had no idea it was loose until it fell out while she was eating a hotdog. :)

We have a marker lover as well. :)
Keeping us sharp!!!

RaD said...

I love toothless kid pictures, although that one did have a lot of blood!

Trina said...

My Livy does this on a regular basis. Although, not for a bit come to think of it! Loosing the first tooth is alwalls so much fun!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Lily the self-tattoo artist. That kid! Hailey was bad about that, too. At least she comes to you and says sorry, LOL.

Tell Andrew that Aunt Jack and his cousins are super excited for him! Tell him if he keeps it up, he's going break the Tooth Fairy ;)

Can hardly wait to see you next weekend!

candy said...

YAY!!! Andrew it came out finally.You were so excited that you had a loose tooth.You are a funny guy.


Ellen said...

My daughter was the same way---she worked and worked her first tooth until is swayed in the breeze...then she pulled it herself.She now has 4 that are loose and beyond thrilled! :)
Oh My! Glad that the markers easily came off...

Cecania Tallmadge said...

Well, he's just curious about losing his first tooth, so I think it's normal for him to act like that. And it's a good thing that you were able to blog about it, since this is a once in a lifetime event.

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