Monday, May 23, 2011


You know, sometimes moms just need to lighten up. The other day, the older children were sleeping in so I thought I would treat the earlier risers to a cup of hot chocolate. I know, it was unhealthy, but it was wonderful to see their faces light up with delight when they watched Mom bend the rules a bit.

Jacob is really becoming a ham.

I can barely get a picture where he isn't being an absolute goofball!

See what I mean? LOL! Oh, I love this kid. He is such a crack up and so far very easy to discipline. Hopefully, that won't change.

Be silly today with your kids. Do something unexpected and fun!
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Homestead Living said...

It can be so hard to put everything down for a few moments and just 'be' with the children. But those moments are the memory builders.
Thanks for the reminder.

Catherine said...

Okay, okay; I'll do it with my students today! :) Your kids are TOO cute!!!

Mary R. said...

Yes, I think it is necessary to bend the rules once in a while. It does lighten everything up. And, hot chocolate for breakfast is not really unhealthy. The French do it all the time. Chocolate is a plant extract, and milk is good for you!

Ellen said...

Our children are onlt small for a blink of time...we need to enjoy them...a hardy dose of silly is just what we need!

Anonymous said...


Okay, I had to LOL on Jacob's first picture. That is just TOO cute! :)

Your children are simply adorable! I LOVE seeing the pictures of your little blessings. :)

Yes, being silly is great medicine. Sometimes, one needs to be silly just to get rid of the stress.

-L. Rose

Chelle said...

Know what you mean. I let mine have dounuts for breakfest . Just because. I love your little girls tea party pic. So cute.

candy said...

you are so right about silly Jacob.he is a sweet silly boy though.
and as a grandma I found lightening up is a good get so stressed when we are so strict all the time.rules rules rules.I'm glad you are having fun with your kids. they are FUN.Love you

OurLilFullFam said...

Surprises like that are so much fun, and you can't be all healthy all the time!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That's my nephew! What a crack up! Give him a hug from Aunt Jackie.

Have Jess make some homemade hot chocolate. Then it would be healthy! I bet she would love to make some and it is super easy :)

Lizzy said...

You're children are adorable!:) I always loved it when my mom was silly with my sisters and I. She has the most wonderful laugh and I cherish the memories I have of us being "silly" together!good advice to all of us to laugh a little more every once in a while

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