Sunday, May 29, 2011


This hat just screams feminine! I just love it.

Even when she is fussin', she is still adorable.

She is such a character. She loves her little flip flops. She is a shoe girl like her mama.

I hope she always embraces her femininity.

Still can't comment on anyone's blog where I have to sign in. Pop up boxes have been no problem, but where it shows the comments directly under the posts, I have no luck. Half the blogs I follow seem to have those. You might want to check your settings and switch it to a pop up window. "Ponderings", "Quotes for Mother", "Lady Rose", "Homestead Living", "Chelle" and several others are blogs that don't have pop up windows. I can't believe how long it is taking to fix this it. I am not ignoring you, I promise!
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Chelle said...

Love the hat. I agreeit is feminine. I love flip flops too.

Mich said...

I had that problem too for a few days. It has finally let me sign in.

She is precious.

Rachel and Family said...

SWEET!!! Baby. She is a doll! I love that hat, Mary has a headband made out of the same material, only now her head is too big for it. Is that a tatoo on her right arm?? I bet one of the kids put it on her. ha!ha!

I didn't get any packing for the trip done, but got every bit of laundry done (except for what they wore to bed) That's atleast a start!

I need to keep reading your blog and catch up. I've been mostly off the computer for a couple of weeks.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

yep, Jessica put a tattoo on her. I hate tattoos! I forgot that was on there! LOL.

Just got six kids packed, but always forget about me.

Catherine said...

She's a cutie LilyPie! Do you have trouble with my blog?

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Catherine, I didn't. If it is a pop up window or the comment box is on the side, I have no problems. It is when it is embedded under the post. I have to sign in to Google (even though I'm already signed in) and it is a vicious cycle. It even says that "anoynamous says". But it will not let me post. So frustrating. It seems that half the blogs on my list are this way.

RaD said...

Blogger has been giving me problems too, but not with leaving comments. It's leaving HUGE spaces in the middle of my posts and the more I use all my tricks to fix them the worse it gets. My perfectionist self does not like to look at my posts cuz' of all the spaces. Anal, I know, but I can't help myself :)

Try logging in first before you visit blogs and see if that helps. I had a similar problem once and I had to be logged in or I would have a lot of problems.

RaD said...

Oops didn't read your response in the comment before mine. Sorry I didn't realize you already tried to log in first.

Homestead Living said...

I absolutely love those hats. My Maddie has a few of them. They are so adorable!
I know I have said that I am new to this blogging thing...I'm not sure exactly what I should do.???
I have another friend who can't leave me comments either.
Hope to hear from you soon. :) Have a blessed long weekend.

Homestead Living said...

OK...I checked my settings. It was set that only those who are registered can leave comments. I changed it to anyone.
Maybe that will help. :)

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

That's what it is! Thank you for switching it. So if you have on your settings, "Registered can only leave comments", I can't comment on your blog. If you willing, ladies, please switch your settings!


Grandma Becky said...

Stacie, love the hat. My granddaughter and her mom wear hats alot. So does my daughter! Fun! I checked my blog and it says anyone can leave a comment. I don't have pop window open. See if mine works! Sorry you are having problems. I've had issues where I know I'm already signed in but still have to sign in to comment lately...wierd. Happy weekend!

Camille said...

How precious she is Stacie! Too cute for words. :)


Marie said...

Awww 1920s darling!

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