Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cherry Blossoms

I've been playing with the different settings on my camera. I'm no novice, but I am having fun. That is what is important, right?

Here it singles out a color. It picked out all the green and left everything else black and white.

This is vivid color. It is so bright and cheery.

This leaves a blur around the edges of your subject. I am not used to having things blurry, so it is taking me a bit to get used to. I am still pleased with  my new camera. It just isn't quite as easy as my other one to use. You really have to think about what you are shooting, to get the best photo. If any of you are wondering I bought a Canon SX30
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Homestead Living said...

I'm presently shopping for a new camera. Was thinking Cannon Rebel or maybe a Nikon.? I don't want to have to think too hard. This season of my life doesn't allow for much of that. :)

Catherine said...

Wow! What fun you are having for our pleasure too, Stacie. The pictures are amazing.

Kimberly said...

Nice. You'll have more options than a standard point and shoot, learn the limitations and you'll be fine. I'm ready for a better digital slr- but they are thousands of dollars; so I live with the limitations. {every camera has limitations}

To Homestead Living- read up on both brands, both have limitations, you just have to decide which will work better for your ability and shooting situations.

Camille said...

They are lovely Stacie...all of them. I think the blurred edges would be a great setting for portraits. :) My cherry blossoms have wilted and most have dropped off already. I suppose that is because we are more Northern than you! Enjoy!


Kristin Bridgman said...

Beautiful blossoms! I also am playing around with the camera, my husbands camera. I don't know anything about the knobs. I just ask him to set it and I point, focus and shoot, :)

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