Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stacie's Money and Time-Saving Tips

Stacie's Time Saving Tips

1. Make cookies into bars, instead of individual cookies. Learned that from my friend, Catherine!

2. When making biscuits, make biscuits in a pan. Make sausage gravy ahead of time (I usually make a gallon of it and freeze in quart jars). Makes a quick and easy breakfast.

3. Use your bread machine! Use your dough cycle and make two loaves a time. Freeze second loaf, or turn it into pizza dough. Click here to get my bread machine recipe. I use this for pizza dough, rolls, and bread. LOVE it! It doesn't require eggs.

4. When making soups and casseroles, make enough for another meal. You can also do this with cakes and quick breads. Freeze the other. Make sure you label it. why dirty up your kitchen twice?

5. Cut onions, peppers, celery and tomatoes. Shred cheese and zucchini. Freeze in two cup increments. It’s great for casseroles, soups and pizzas. Use that food processer if you have it!

6. Cook a whole chicken. Divide meat up into three dinners. I usually do two casseroles and one soup. Take bones and make broth out of it. Broth is water and bones. Simmer for 6-10 hours and then strain. Freeze broth. When you make your soup add the salt, garlic, bones, chopped onions, carrots and celery, etc.  I also make my own cream of chicken soup with it. Saves tons of money and is so much better for you.

7. Buy in bulk. Many stores that cater to the restaurant business has 50 lb bag of turbinado (raw sugar) for sale. I go to Cash and Carry. Find a few people who would split it with you. Health food markets can order sucanat. Buy the biggest bag and split it.

Stacie’s Healthy Tips

1. Make your own jam, and use honey or turbinado (raw sugar). You can use both. Experiment to see how healthy you can get it without your family noticing.

2. Use as much whole grains as possible. Supplement white flour for whole wheat pastry flour in your baking.

3. Supplement sucanat whenever the recipe calls for brown sugar.

4. Supplement turbinado (raw sugar) whenever the recipe calls for white sugar.

If you have any other time or money saving tips, please leave them in the comment section. We could all use help in these areas.



Farmgirl Cyn said...

Excellent ideas! I have been soaking/cooking 5# of dried beans at a time! I have to use a gi-normous pot for it, but it takes the same amt. of energy to cook 5# as it does 1#, so I cook up a mess of it then freeze in quart bags. We just used one of them in last nites supper of pinto beans/beef tongue over rice. A 1st for us...beef tongue! It was delicious!

Catherine said...

Well, Farmgirl Cyn beat me to the draw on the bean suggestion. When I had children at home and we lived 'off the land' we ate beans, lots of them. Beans and cornbread, beans and rice, and beans and tortillas. We also ate homemade sprouts for our 'salad'. We made our own corn tortillas and salsa, and for celebrations, I bought a can of olives and an avacado. CHEAP!

Camille said...

Great post my friend! Oh how wonderful it is to have something tucked away in the freezer for future it!! :)

I do the pre-cooking and freezing of beans too...just got 25 lb bags of lentils and beans to save $$$. Now to cook 'em up!

Chicken stock is soooo good for you...I cook two whole chickens at once to have LOTS of meat for soup and freezer. So much more economical.

Have a great weekend!

Grandma Becky said...

Love your ideas, Stacie...I've not done cookies in pan except for those that say they are pan cookies. I think I'll try that today. I always cook extra so there are leftovers for lunches. I've not cooked with beans much that are to be soaked overnight. I have some though and need to do it! I guess they can be frozen after soaking? I make my own cookies and sometimes banana bread. Cakes are homemade, buy some jam at a place that makes their own. I've made my own as well. Oh Farmgirl Cyn--beef tongue's not been over my tongue for years and I remember it well in sandwiches as a child. Yum! Have a great weekend, ya all!

Anonymous said...

These are awesome tips, Stacy. Thanks for sharing.

Since you asked, I recently did a blog Frugal Beauty Tips"

ps: I added your button to my blog. ;)

Ellen said...

Hi Stacie!
When you get the chance...could you share your cream of chicken soup recipe and also sausage gravy recipe?
I love these ideas!Many times I will make a larger portion when cooking and it keeps us in lunches as well as another meal.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing these excellent tips!

I'm with Ellen, please share with us your cream of chicken recipe. I've never made my own chicken broth. It's sounds easy enough, water, bones, simmer, then strain. I assume that you make these in the crockpot. I know it sounds silly, but could you share the recipe details of this as well?

-L. Rose

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I loosely follow recipes, so I will try to figure out how to write it down for you. Great tips, ladies!

Leslie said...

I'd also love to get your recipe for cream of chicken soup. I tried to make my own (following a recipe I found) about 2 weeks ago, but it came out just tasting like chicken gravy. lol

Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

Can you tell me when you make cookies into bars (which is an excellent idea, by the way! What a time saver!), do you bake the same length at the same temp?

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Amy, I got really sick of burning my cookies because I would get distracted. I cook them the same amount of time that you would cook brownies. So yes it is around 25-30 minutes.

Nadine said...

Wonderful tips Stacie...thank you for sharing! :)


A Restful Place said...

Great tips! I used to make cookies into bars all the time but sort have gotten out of the routine! But I will start doing it again! : ) Thanks for all the suggestions! I love finding new ways to save money and live healthier. I've been reading lately how you can make your own herbal tinctures for so much less! I'm hoping to start doing that soon! : ) Blessings on your day! ~ Tabitha

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