Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fostering Creativity

I love reading to my kids. My little ones are constantly bringing me books to read. Sometimes it is hard to sit down with them when I have so many pressing things. But I have to slow down and think that my time with them is short and the laundry will always be there. They won't.

I am letting Marcus loose in the kitchen more. Here he is preparing devilled eggs from start to finish. Man, this kid can make a mean devilled egg! I taught him to use pickle juice, mayo, mustard and a little garlic. Everyone seems to love the combo.

I put a basket of books in the living room, so that the kids could grab a book and read on the couch if they were just sitting around. Lily loves to look at the picture books and "reads" them out loud.

Jessica and Andrew made these puppets and put on a puppet show for me. They did a really good job! I'm trying to do more crafts with them and thinking of ways for them to add more creativity in their life.

One thing I did was go through their toys. Anything I had not seen them playing with for a while or they have trouble picking up, went into a big blue bin in the shed. I filled up two HUGE bins of toys and they haven't even noticed they are missing! It's been over a week. If they do ask for them, we will rotate others out. This fosters creativity because they have to use their imaginations more.

We also gave up video games for Lent. No we are not Catholic, but I encourage our children to fast from something just to teach them a little bit about sacrificing something for Lord. They only get to play 30 minutes a day (if they don't get in trouble), but it allowed more time for them to have creative play.

How do you create a learning creative environment for your children?
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