Tuesday, April 26, 2011

An Answer to Pedestals

I'm redoing the Bible study "Beloved Disciple" by Beth Moore. When I ran across this statement again it really helped me with the whole "pedestal" thing.

I'll give you the quote first and then I will explain.

"Some people will try to make anyone with a semblance of spiritual maturity their personal savior. Have you ever had anyone try to make you their savior of sorts? Our most convenient response might be shifting all responsibility to the poor, confused person. After all, can we help it if someone mistakes us for more than we are?

Instead we need to confess, "I'm so sorry if I've led you to believe otherwise, but I am not your salvation. I have no power to deliver you." "I can't be our entire family's rock. If you're all standing on me for stability, we're all about to have a sinking spell." Or "I don't have all the answers. I'm still trying to figure out what the questions are."

So do we just let everyone down? No, we ask them to let us down. Right off that man-made pedestal of toothpicks. Our role in the lives of those God sends our way for help is not unlike John the Baptist's. We become a voice in their desert helping them prepare a way for the Lord."

I think because I am a mom of six and I homeschool, sometimes people do put me on a pedestal. Even though I try to be blatantly honest about my failings, I still get people thinking I'm some kind of a "super-mom".

Well, I'm not! Just look at my blog. I'm not the best writer, the best photographer, the best gardener, the best mother, the best teacher, nor the best wife. I'm human. I'm not pretending to be anything else.

Let us develop that spirit of humility that John the Baptist had. Remember, in his own words he was not "worthy to untie Jesus' sandals".

Beth says, "John the Baptist understood Christ's greatness and how unworthy he was in comparison, but he didn't see himself as having the value of an inchworm under a rock. His life had value through its connection to Christ."

So do ours, Ladies.

So do ours...


Wanting What I Have said...

Stacie, I have to tell you, when I think of you and your six children and your husband - when I read your blog, I see INCREDIBLE things that God is doing in and through you! You are faithful to give God the honor and the glory and that is precious! PRECIOUS!!! It encourages my heart to see God working the process of sanctification in your life. You make me want to love Jesus more! To know Him more. Thank you for always giving Him the honor and glory!

Camille said...

Another wonderful post my friend. You are a blessing to many and it is Christ they see...how important it is to constantly be pointing others to HIM!

Many blessings to you!

Catherine said...

You are a great friend and companion on this path of life. I'm so glad we are on it together, and that we are doing the study together too. Thanks for the 'humble' reminder!

Amy said...

Great post. You are a huge blessing. You have inspired me more than you'll ever know.

I have been looking at Beth Moore books. I will have to get one.

Please visit my blog to read about a homeschool family in crisis. They need so many prayers.

God Bless.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Excellent post, Stace! This is so true. We need to be honest about our failings for sure. People need to know that WE need a savior, too. We never want to stand between someone and the true Savior. "God use us, but to You be the glory!"

Anonymous said...


Amen! I think we sometimes tend to put people on "pedestals" because it looks like they have their life "all-together" and figured-out, when in fact, they are just as human as we are. The only One we are to rely upon in Christ.

Great post, and btw, I think you have a great blog, which is why I decided to follow it in the first place (that's supposed to be a compliment). :)

-L. Rose

caz1975 said...

I think you are actually very real and raw on your blog, bad days and all and it's one of the things I like about reading it. You are humble in your total dependance on God to be the woman you want to be and in doing that you encouarge others to seek God more on the journey of motherhood as well! :-)

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