Saturday, March 5, 2011

Turning Panic to Peace

 Three days ago, hubby and I bought our first laptop. We were so excited! When we were getting everything set up, the tech went on and on about how wonderful home group sharing was between your desktop and your laptop. I went home and set it up. The next day, I went to check my email. Everything had disappeared, my email, my documents,music and my pictures. Gone! I started to panic and called the tech. He wasn't in (of course). So I started praying. I then called my regular computer repair guy, Bruce. Bruce was so kind, as I told him what happened while trying to not completely freak out. He told me I could drop it off and he would take a look.

Later I told my friend, Catherine, that I felt like I was holding my "shield of faith" half way up. I went there. I faced the thought "what if all my pictures and documents from the last ten years are gone?" It was a terrible thought, yet I couldn't help thanking God that I had a blog that has all my devotions and writings on it. The pictures are there as well, not to mention 40 plus scrapbooks of hard copies. It wasn't like my house had burned down and all was lost. I kept trying to put it into perspective and give the problem back to God until I knew something.

After my physical therapy appointment, I went to see about my computer. I walked in and Bruce smiled and said he had found everything. It was just hidden. I was so grateful, yet ashamed of how I had acted. My lack of trust had affected my day.

I found myself grumping at my children when they came to me with a menial problem (menial compared to mine, of course). I had to apologize more than once for snapping at them. I fought that tendency all day. Why must I be so self-absorbed?

I looked back on the experience and decided to give myself a C. The good news is that I would have given myself a F not that long ago. This kind of stuff drives me crazy. I'm so thankful that God is changing me. I'm so thankful that I am a better listener.

All the glory be to God!

My goal now is when I am getting ready to panic, to instead turn it into prayer which will result in peace.

What are the types of things you tend to panic about?

What is your reaction?

Do you turn to a friend first, or to God?


Farmgirl Cyn said...

I could feel your pain. A year or so ago, our hard drive crashed. I was in the depths of despair. Years worth of photos....Fortunately, a friend of our son's was able to retrieve almost everything! I'd probably give myself a "C" also.

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

That was me about two months ago. FREAKING out!!!It was my pictures AND music. I was helpless. I was so crabby to everyone. But luckily Itunes let me download all my music again. I need my music.

Mich said...

i understand about the pictures. I wooried the other day when i couldn't find my pictures on the computer and thought I had lost them all. They were hidden too.

I really need to put them all on disks just in case.

Sarah said...

Ooh what a good question Stacie! I guess most times I will turn to my husband first...though if its in relation to him (shudder the thought!) I would I know He is the only one who can truly change anyones heart! Although I must confess that quite often when I ask the Lord to show 'such and such' that I'm right and they are wrong...He usually shows me that the issue is with me! Haha! I have lost count how many times that has happened!

Great post!

RaD said...

Well, I'd like to say I always turn to God first, but I doubt that is true. However after church today my children were no where to be found. And since we're usually close to the last ones to head home it's kind of a sinking feeling. Still fear did not rise up and I prayed and thanked God that they were safe and just somewhere they forgot to tell me about.

Sure enough they were in a friend's van with their son watching a movie. Because I was already praying I didn't blow the situaation out or proportion and was able to speak calmly and remind them of the importance of mom and dad knowing where they are and that they are safe at all times. They both apologized and I really think they listened.

In regards to your pictures though, I had the same fews when my computer crashed. Our computer friend advised us to do two back-ups in case of an emergency: one online at a free picture storage place like shutterfly and a second copy on a back up disk like a cd (although not the most ideal because they can be ruined in wrong conditions), thumb drive (jump drive, flash drive, whatever you want to call them) or an external hard drive. We chose the external hard drive and while more expensive, can hold lots and lots of data.

Catherine said...

I can appreciate your questions,and I'm thinking. I like the advice about where we store our pictures! The diligence this requires often evades me, however.

Wanting What I Have said...

I am SO with you on this one! Computers problems have, more than once, spotlighted my sin! Thank you for the encouragement!

Camille said...

Yup...nasty business! How often sin is exposed in my life when things don't go the way *I* planned for them to. How gracious our LORD is to us! HE truly is WONDERFUL! :)

About the computers...might not be a bad idea to get an external hard-drive to keep important stuff on as a back-up.

Many blessings to you my friend!
In His Love,

OurLilFullFam said...

This is how I get over car stuff. Sheer Panic - God keeps showing his faithfulness and I am getting better, but there have been real times of just sheer panic.

I am embarrassed over my reactions sometimes! I mean really, what is the worst that could happen, that I would have no car to drive. There are lots of people without cars. I would survive!

I am glad you got it all back though!!


Jenn said...

Staci, Oh this brought tears to my eyes. I am so guilty of this and I hate it when I act this way. Thank you for being so open and honest!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Yeah for Cs that are so much better than Fs! Good job, sis!

h. rae said...

I had similar problems with my brand new laptop. First the screen broke, and I cried. I really did. Then after writing several pages in my new novel, my anti-virus did an update which wasn't compatible with Windows 7 and I got the blue screen of death. Praise God it all worked out and everything was still there! I now back up everything on disks so that my fears won't overwhelm me as they did. Love how you gave yourself a C. I never thought about grading myself.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Found out that last time my computer died, my tech took the old hard drive and made it so that my computer backs up automatically to it. So I found out I'm covered in that regards. I don't have to mess with the disks or thumbdrives and such.

Oh Stephanie, I freak over car problems too. computers and cars! I think it is because I really can't fix either of them myself. I don't like being at the mercy of others. It costs money and I'm too impatient!

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